Now his own divine power is inexplicably imprisoned, even if it can be unlocked at the moment of crisis, he can\’t guarantee that it can be opened next time, and how big this ancient land area is and how many ancient beasts are, it is not clear for the time being. , If it is as big as the Great Wilderness World, even if there is an exit, without the premise of the teleportation formation, don\’t even want to go out in this life.

To be honest, we really can\’t ask for it. The third elder shook his head helplessly. At first, no one cared about it, so that the demon god clan found a loophole, and this finally obtained demon sacred blood pool was completely a waste pool. .Grandpa, without this pool, can the holy blood still be used? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.It can be used, but the effect is much worse… and the demon god clan has been consuming the holy blood over the years, and now I am afraid that there is not much left. Ling Zhantian said.Then we are not at a loss, forget it, anyway, we also won the treasure house of the monsters and gods. Shanghai said loudly.Hearing these words, the expressions of the second elder and others lightened a little, and they ignored the abandoned demon sacred blood pool.Grandpa, how do you deal with this pool? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking. He stared at the pool for a long time. Although he didn\’t see anything strange, he always felt that this monster sacred blood pool was a little weird. He couldn\’t tell the specific fault. He immediately became interested in the pond and planned to study it. After all, this thing was passed down by the first generation of demon gods, it was an ancient god.I intend to throw it into the treasure house.Why don\’t you give it to me?What are you doing here? Ling Zhantian asked subconsciously.I want to study it, I\’m very curious. Shanghai said.Um……Ling Zhantian hesitated for a moment, and nodded slightly, \”Fine, you can take it and study it, but remember to be careful, anyway, this thing is inherited by the demon god.\”I will. Shanghai nodded.That\’s right! The treasure house of the monsters and gods has been handed over. This is the entrance of the treasure house. Go and get what you need. Ling Zhantian took out a simple bracelet and handed it to Shanghai.Um!Shanghai did not refuse, and put it away.Special Envoy Xuan has returned to the temple. Before leaving, let me know that if you have free time, you can go to the temple.When Ling Zhantian said this, he paused and said: \”Grandpa suggested that you still go there. Special Envoy Xuan is one of the highest among my ancient gods, his strength is unfathomable, and he has an ancient heritage. The special envoy also values ​​you very much, so take this opportunity.\”I understand, I will take the time to go to the temple. Shanghai asked immediately: \”By the way, Grandpa, is there any other news on the border recently?\”Other news…it doesn\’t seem to be right, our small-scale battle with the Hao Star Realm powerhouse is still going on, and there is no big battle. Ling Zhantian shook his head.

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