However, Shanghai still paid the price. The fist was bloody, and even the bones were exposed. The pain that came was second. The key was that more and more rocks came from the lasing. Obviously, the Xuanyan holy tortoise had done it deliberately. Plan to use rocks to block the escape route of the Shanghai two.

However, this item is temporarily unavailable in Shanghai.Because Wutian Seventh World Venerable has explained that if you are not in the realm of the Supreme Holy Lord, don’t use such things, otherwise you will be ruined because you can’t bear the power of the soul.go.It is useless to practice hard work. Shanghai decided to go out and leave Shenlin City to explore opportunities in some special areas nearby. Maybe there will be gains. As for the cultivation secret realm of Shenlin City, it is especially helpful for the artistic conception of reincarnation. Those secret realms that have been promoted require a position above the guard to begin contact, and the guard will only start after the assessment.After becoming a servant, you have to start accepting various tasks, until you have contributed enough, then you can perform the assessment of the guard, and the same is true for becoming a guard and general.Are you going out? Ming Yuyan couldn\’t help but subconsciously ask when she happened to see Shanghai walking out of the room.Um!The Xuanzu guide just came and said that the strong in the city had spontaneously held a trade fair. He was going to ask you if you were interested. You can see that you are in retreat, so let me convey it to you. Ming Yuyan said.A fair… Shanghai pondered.For this kind of trade fairs spontaneously composed of millions of small world powerhouses, it is not uncommon in the battlefield of gods. Almost every month, there will be one or two trade fairs. The trading method is either exchange for goods or exchange for gods.And there are so many things to trade, not only cultivation resources, but also all kinds of weird things. Of course, some of these things originated from the battlefield of gods, and some originated from other places, but most of them are the so-called \”specialties\” brought by the strong from their respective worlds.The environment of the millions of small worlds is completely different, so there are some special treasures, only a certain small world will be produced, and other places will not be available, but the cost of going to the other small worlds is very high, ordinary practice The person simply can\’t afford it.Therefore, the trade fair in the battlefield of the gods gave the powerhouses of each small world a chance to obtain what they needed.Where? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking, since there is a trade fair, then going out is put on hold for the time being.The Xuanzu guide said it was in the west of the city.Do you want to be together?Um!Ming Yuyan hesitated and nodded slightly, but her expression was slightly complicated. It is no wonder that the two are enemies, but now their relationship has become more complicated. They are like companions, but they are not. This feeling is quite Weird.After putting away his thoughts, Ming Yuyan followed.West of the city!

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