\”But if not, what else can we do? Almost all the doctors in the medical school in chejian city have seen it, but the children are still like this. Maybe they are lucky and the children will get better on the way. Maybe they should go to the eldest brother\’s house,\” the middle-aged man replied with a sigh.

However, Shanghai\’s qualifications are higher, and Ming Yuyan can feel that he is Qianlong Zaiyuan, and he will surely rise into the sky in the future and become a character of a generation.The more she thought about it, the more confused Ming Yuyan became. She didn\’t know if she and Shanghai would have any results in the future, and the chances of not having it would be great.Looking at Ming Yuyan, who was buried in her head, and seeing her wandering look again, Shanghai naturally saw something. The two of them got together for so long, and it was inevitable that they would be a little trembling. What\’s more, Ming Yuyan is accompanied by such stunning beauty. It\’s impossible to have no enthusiasm.but!That\’s just a touch of enthusiasm, and Shanghai does not blame it on feelings.In order to suppress the magic, and Ming Yuyan practice the dragon and phoenix practitioners together, this may cause irreparable harm to the two of them.Senior, can we think about it, Shanghai said.Anyway, I have already told you that whether or not to cultivate is your own business. If you don\’t cultivate, I won\’t force it. Anyway, I have lived for so many years, and I have lived enough, but you yourself have just cultivated not long ago. Your qualifications still have a long way to go. If you perish here, it would be a pity… After the young master Tun Xi finished speaking, he pointed at him casually.call out……The two spiritual senses have fallen into the sea of ​​knowledge of the two people in Shanghai. It is the same set of dragon and phoenix practitioners. Although I heard the young master Tunxi say before, but at this moment, they really see this set of dragon and phoenix practitioners. This set of Primordial Cultivation Method is a bit more than what the Young Master Tun Xi said.In an instant!Ming Yuyan\’s cheeks were hot and blushing.Shanghai can\’t help but feel embarrassed.I have taught you the dragon and phoenix fellow practitioners. Whether you want to practice or not is up to you to choose. Anyway, I don\’t have to worry about it.Young Master Tun Xi sighed, as if saying to the two of them, and as if talking to himself, \”You are in love with me, it is a matter of heaven and earth, why is it so complicated, I don’t understand…Let’s go, Find the body of the ancient god first.\”Yeah! Shanghai nodded.Because of Young Master Tun Xi\’s point of view, Shanghai and Ming Yuyan seemed quite embarrassed, and the relationship could not be as harmonious as before.call out……The group of three continued to set off.The Divine Law was chasing after him, and he soon chased it up again. Fortunately, Shanghai has the information left by the old immortal, knows most of the ancient teleportation formations, and the young master Tun Xi is very familiar with the battlefield of the gods, and has repeatedly passed through the ancient teleportation. Dangerous and dangerously evaded the magic.

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