The mood also relaxed a lot. Looking at the pills and medicinal herbs in the bottle, Jane Xi crossed her knees again.

It is obviously unrealistic to find a star to nurture oneself. You must know how big a star is. Even the smallest star is about 10,000 miles in radius. These stars are all located on the top of the sky, and they want to fly to the top of the sky. It is necessary to have the ability comparable to the gods, otherwise, the ordinary strong, even the strong of the third world noble level entering the sky, will be destroyed because of the inability to resist the laws of the vast sky.Moreover, Shanghai is not an ancient demon. You don\’t have to find stars to nurture. Maybe you can nurture yourself as long as you find something related to the stars.What is the thing about the stars…?Shanghai is thinking hard and his five senses are still closed. Only in this way will his thoughts be extremely thorough and it will be easier to come up with a way….呲…A huge defensive enchantment, surrounding the lone mountain for thousands of miles, quickly opened. The green and complicated runes spread across the entire defensive enchantment. Every rune is full of ancient atmosphere, and every striped road contains The meaning of endless life.Yilan can judge that this defensive enchantment is one of the ancient enchantments. It will inevitably consume a lot of manpower and material resources to be able to be deployed in such a complete way. It is enough to look at the more than three hundred strong men with tired faces. The loss of these people is enormous.What is the relationship between Shanghai and the wood industry? Why would the wood industry protect Shanghai at such a high price? Friendship? Just this is not enough. After all, although the mutual assistance relationship between the wood world is far greater than that of the other million small world powers, if you don’t have a big beneficiary to the wood world, you won’t get it. So blessed to the wood world.In the millions of small worlds, there are more than 30% of independent small worlds. There is a reason why these independent small worlds are not ruled by the big clans and big forces of God\’s Domain. Some independent small worlds have great power in God\’s Domain. Some are because there are not many good resources, and the latter occupies more than 90%.As for the wood world, it is outside the 90%.The Wood Realm is quite special. It is said that there is a potential power in God’s Realm. No one knows how strong it is, so that the big clans and big powers in God’s Realm dare not easily get involved. For the Wood Realm, Yilan is somewhat heard about it, but Most of them are mysterious.Because the strong men in the wood world never interact easily with the other strong men, which makes people feel the mystery of the wood world. If it weren\’t for Shanghai, Yilan and others could not contact Moriye.Rumbling…The sky and the earth trembled, and a large number of black spots appeared in the sky, like clouds covering the sky, moving toward this place mightily, and the momentum brought by more than two thousand elite powerhouses flying at full speed is amazing. Even the void was shaken and twisted again and again.Here… Sen Ye and the others were solemn.Be prepared to protect the barrier point. Withered Wood issued an order.Immediately, the three hundred strong men who had been reserving their energy before were located on the arranged barrier points. These barrier points are the most basic core to maintain the entire barrier. Once broken, the defense of the barrier will be Will be affected.The powerhouses who had arranged the enchantment before had already regained their strength by meditating on the sidelines, and some were constantly swallowing various rare spirit pills in their mouths, hoping to recover faster.The dense black spots were three thousand miles away, and they stopped immediately. Obviously, Shenhai and others had discovered the enchantment here, as well as Moriye and others.

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