The farmland was golden. It was ripe rice ears, which were blown like golden waves by the wind. Sometimes there were several farmers farming in it. In addition to their ancient clothes, it reminded Jane Xi of the earth. Whenever she went out on the highway, she looked out of the window. The fields on the roadside were roughly the same. Everything was familiar and strange.

He died, but after holding it for a while, his remaining consciousness discovered that the fifth death was completely different from the previous four deaths. It would not gradually weaken because of his continued support, but instead became stronger.Yingying\’s fire of life is getting weaker and weaker, and there is a violent shock in Shanghai\’s heart, and she quickly mobilizes her consciousness to suppress it. Once the fire of life is exhausted, he will die here.How could this happen? The more I insist, the more consumed the fire of life… Shanghai panicked, and his consciousness faded a little bit with the consumption of the fire of life. If we continue like this, I\’m afraid In less than half an hour, he will undoubtedly die.The heart is extremely shrinking, and the beating has started to stop……In a secret realm in the extreme east of the blood table of the gods, there was a loud bang, and the secret realm broke open. Along with the silver light rising to the sky, a handsome man broke through the barrier, glowing with a horror like a dragon. momentum.Gao Xu, what\’s wrong with you looking for me in such a hurry? Tai Xun asked without looking back.Return to the third prince, this matter is quite urgent, you must come at most by the third prince, the strong man named Gao Xu said quickly.Emergency?It is related to Shanghai and others.Hearing these words, Tai Xun quickly turned his head.Three princes, during this period of time you asked me to wait to investigate the killers in Tiancha Yingdi. I have already found out. They sent sixteen killers this time. Last time Shanghai killed six, there are still ten left. Killer, this time I will find out that there are not only nine bronze medal killers, but also a semi-silver medal killer… Gao Xu said solemnly.Quasi silver medal killer? Tai Xun\’s expression changed slightly.As the three princes of the Taijie Realm, he naturally knows the situation of the killers of the Heavenly Shadow Land. The bronze killer is already considered a terrifying figure in the same realm. He is strange and surpasses the speed of his peers, plus his silent and silent Killing methods, once several bronze medal killers join forces, there are really few strong ones that can stop them.The quasi-silver killer is even more terrifying. Such people are at least those who understand the pinnacle level of the Fourth World Zun’s reincarnation artistic conception, and their shots are extremely fierce. Shayingdi will be willing to pay such a large cost.Where are they now? Tai Xun asked.They are now rushing to the Dongfu where Shanghai is located.what?Too froze, he recovered immediately, and said in a deep voice: \”Tianchayingdi is normal at this time, but they also look down on Shanghai too. Ten killers may not be able to win Shanghai.\” He has experienced physical strength and harmony. The effect is very good because of the rapid and wild patterns.certainly!

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