Is this woman a matrix mage? What level of array mage? Even level two array mages. That\’s also the existence of worship in the family. At present, there is only one array master who barely reaches the level of level 4 in the Shangguan family. Even his father, as the head of the family, is respectful to him. How old is this girl? Looking at her skillful appearance, this kind of thing seems to be easy.

Shanghai, we are about to see the Taishi god pattern. I really look forward to it. Sen Luo\’s face was filled with excitement. After coming out of the nine-color light gate, he experienced a special transformation, if not for it. If he is a metaphysical practitioner, he cannot be discerned from the outside at all.If you can realize the Nine Swords of Taishi, wouldn\’t it be invincible by the time? Sen Luo talked freely, ignoring the strange gaze from the side.Many cultivators curled their lips. If Taishi Nine Swords were so easy to comprehend, Ancient Xuanzong wouldn\’t have only three sect masters since ancient times.Soon, everyone came to a long and narrow mountain road. What is surprising is that at the end of the mountain road, there is actually the edge of the vast sky. There is a strong force on the edge, protecting this edge from the sky. The force crushed.The man surnamed Leng raised his hand, motioned all the cultivators to stop, then walked up quickly, solemnly took out a bead, silently recited a few very obscure primordial words, and then pressed it into the edge , I saw a crackling sound, and then nine sword lights appeared on the edge, and then spread out from the edge and fell into the sky.The front is the Taishi Ancient Land. You have one day to feel the Taishi Divine Rune. If you can get the recognition of the Taishi Divine Rune, you can become my Sect Taishi. If you can\’t get the recognition, you can withdraw. arrange.When the man surnamed Leng said this, he warned: \”There are still many seniors, uncles, and other people watching, don\’t disturb the others at will, don\’t be conceited.\”Understood, thank you Brother Leng. Everyone responded.Immediately!The cultivator who was walking in the front couldn\’t wait to step on the nine sword lights and swept toward the depths of the sky. When the others saw it, they followed closely behind.Shanghai, be careful. Sen Luo said with concern.Um!Shanghai nodded.Although Ancient Xuanzong is not going to harm himself and others, it’s always right to be careful, and this piece of sky is quite weird, and it feels like Shanghai is not condensed, as if it is a real sky, but here and the sky. I don\’t know how far apart, and since I and others haven\’t been teleported, the existence of this piece of sky seems a bit strange.Regardless of this, let’s first go to see the Taishi god pattern. Shanghai’s heart is full of anticipation. Before, he felt three sword marks outside, and deeply realized the terrifying of the former master of Ancient Xuanzong. The remaining sword marks were actually Contains supreme murderous intent.If it weren\’t for the sharp ray of light in the passage, in the face of this murderous intent, let alone Shanghai, even the gods would be killed.The three sword marks remain immortal and contain such terrifying power. It can be seen how terrifying the strength of the sect master who left these three sword marks in the past, and heard from the strong surname Leng, that is the third Sword marks left by the ancestor Ren.From the time immemorial to the present, the ancient Xuanzong has no idea how many suzerains, but only three can be called the ancestors, and all three have realized the nine swords of Taishi, of which the strength of the first ancestor is the most terrifying. Comparable to the king of gods.This… is this the sky? Sen Luo\’s face was full of surprise. On both sides of the nine sword lights, there are endless starry sky, and even a meteorite belt slowly flows past. In addition, deep Everywhere is shining with a palpitating Cangyu light.The vastness is infinite, the vastness is infinite, and even Sen Luo, who has reached the level of the World-Honored One, feels his own insignificance when he is here.

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