\”Jane Xi, you said you could refine four pills?\” Shangguan Po asked after a long time.

The water waves rushed forward, and the seven old monsters gritted their teeth, glanced at each other, and once again burst out stronger power. The seven beams of light rushed into the water, and the two collided together, erupting a terrifying aftermath, and immediately water The light was suppressed.Of course, it was only temporarily suppressed. Soon Shuiguang rushed away some beams of light and pressed down towards Gongsunhai and other seven bosses.Master Nantian! Gongsunhai shouted.All for the god general to get up! The old Nantian waved his hand horizontally, and the endless black light suddenly slashed towards the impact of the water light, and the entire water light was cut in half. The black light did not disappear, and he continued to kill. Going down, as if to completely cut off the water and light.At this time!There was a wave of inexplicable fear in Shanghai\’s divine consciousness, which had already severed the connection of consciousness and reappeared.It\’s it… Shanghai was startled.This is the consciousness of weak water. At this moment, it is obviously in the most dangerous time, so it connects the consciousness to the divine consciousness of Shanghai. This is an instinctive way of seeking help, because the divine consciousness of Shanghai does not show malicious intent to it. .To save or not to save?Shanghai hesitated, and finally decided to save it.After all, Weak Water itself had never thought of attacking Gongsunhai and others. He only came to take a look when he was curious. However, because of this, it was attacked by Gongsunhai and others, so it naturally had to resist.God\’s thoughts move!The sea of ​​consciousness trembled slightly, and the old Nantian monster he was controlling became stiff, and the black glow stagnated for a moment. Although it was only a moment, it gave weak aquatic life. With only a little bit of it remaining, it quickly swept out and swept in the opposite direction. Go, the moment disappeared.Chapter 1216Master Nantian?Gongsunhai and the others frowned, because it was just the best time to kill the weak water, the old Nantian froze for a moment and let the weak water run away.The Old Monster Nantian recovered instantly, his face suddenly became cloudy and cloudy, and without much explanation, an astonishing killing intent appeared from the corner of his eyes.boom……The terrifying spiritual sense rushed into the sea of ​​consciousness in Shanghai, and smashed towards the place where the soul was. In an instant, the soul was torn to pieces by the spiritual sense on the spot.Huh! The life-and-death kid has only just affected the god general… The old Nantian snorted coldly, checked it, and after confirming that there were no remaining soul fragments in the sea of ​​consciousness, he took the spiritual sense back, but it didn\’t. He noticed that in the deepest part, a ray of divine thought flickered slightly, and then disappeared into the depths of the sea of ​​consciousness.

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