No matter how difficult it is to obtain the qualification, even the fare at that day\’s price is not affordable for ordinary monks.

None of them.All the people of the Haotian Saint Sect, the spirits and gods, and all the people of the ancient gods, none of them are in it…And in the void, there is endless chaotic mist, the rules of heaven and earth are sealed inside, and from time to time there will be some strange blood clouds filling out. Whenever you see these blood clouds, Shanghai\’s body can\’t help but tremble, because He remembered what Qing Blade had said that at the time of the change, the disciples of Wangang Palace were all affected by these blood clouds, and they instantly turned into blood energy.If the Haotian Saint Sect and the people in the same line of Spirit God become like this…When Shanghai thought of this, his heart sank even more.Inspector, I don\’t think your relatives and Haotian Saint Sect will just fall away like this, maybe they were picked up by the predecessors of God\’s Domain. Qing Ren persuaded.Too……Shanghai nodded slightly, and his mood seemed a little depressed. Perhaps as Qing Ren said, his relatives were lucky enough to be in God\’s Domain, but how many can they have? He couldn\’t be sure, so he was worried. He originally thought he would know after returning to the Great Wilderness World, but God seemed to make a joke with him again.At least, if there is no corpse, it means that the person still has a great chance to live, maybe even in the middle of God\’s Domain.It seemed that he had to rush back to God\’s Domain, and go to the middle level of God\’s Domain as soon as possible. As for this great wilderness world, there has been an abnormal change, and there is no personal shadow. If you stay there, it is meaningless.boom……The world shook suddenly.With a terrifying force, the three people in Shanghai were thrown away, and then the sky and the earth tilted up, and Dugu Sanming hit the ground with one head, almost smashing the head, but the green blade was better, the shoulders fell, and the entire shoulders Almost shattered.As for Shanghai, at the moment he was thrown away, he had already reacted. He was about to run the power, but suddenly found that the power in the body was disordered at the moment when the sky trembled. Of course, this disorder will not be fatal, but he is already fast. When he hit the ground, his physical strength suddenly urged out, his body was abruptly levelled, and his feet stomped on the ground fiercely.Bang!The ground was stepped out of a deep pit, and Shanghai\’s two feet plunged directly into the ground, like nails. The sky and the earth were constantly tossing, like a boat sailing in a violent storm, constantly being overturned and turned over. This scene made Shanghai heart palpitating.But after the Dugu Sanming duo ate their first loss, they immediately pierced the ground, causing their feet to sink into the ground, immobilizing themselves.Looking at the constantly twisting world, the three people\’s expressions completely changed. This was not a change in one area, but the entire Great Wilderness World was twisting. With such a twist, the three of them had seen each other for the first time in their lives.suddenly!A huge and incomparable shadow slowly appeared in the void, it was difficult to see the edge, it was located at a million miles, and it was slowly advancing. It seemed slow, but it was surprisingly fast.

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