Step 2: herb purification. The purification of herbal medicine Ling is not so simple. The higher the purity, the more likely it is to refine high-grade pills. In addition, many herbal medicine purification methods are different, each has its own characteristics. The purification parts and methods have their own characteristics, which are difficult and easy. In this step, the guild will randomly provide 20 kinds of pills at the corresponding level, Then the friar extracts three kinds of holy herbs from them and purifies them. The purity must be more than 95% before they are qualified. This is also very harsh. The next step of alchemy can be carried out only after they are all qualified.

However, that is only for the strong of this era, and in the ancient era, the role of physique is more than that…Physical strength…Unexpectedly, there are people like you in this era… Jian Spear\’s expression revealed a hint of surprise.Bang!Shanghai has already taken action. Driven by the ancient demon sacred body, the speed is not fast, but it contains an incomparably heavy momentum. After there is no divine power, the physical power of the ancient demon sacred body is more pure and pure. tyrannical.Punch out!Facing this punch, Jian Spear had lost his initial calmness, and he also smashed it out. At the same time, his feet were strangely integrated into the back of the Scarlet Asura Dragon, as if they were merged into one in an instant. Bloody scales gradually appeared on his body.boom……Under the collision of the two fists, a terrifying physique erupted. This was a pure physical collision. The spear was raised backwards, and the Shura dragon under the seat gave a low roar, a huge figure, There was a slight movement, while Shanghai retreated about a foot.Evenly matched…This made the young strong man present stunned, but the power that the two had just exploded was many times different from the power of the previous silence and the spear. How could this be? How could Jian Spear weaken so much at once?No…they are not getting weaker, but simply competing with each other… the deacon headed said in a deep voice.Shanghai\’s physique is not weak, and it can\’t fall under the wind. With its own strength and shortness of attack, it is ridiculous that this spear has to fight with its physique. This is a great thing for us. Several deacons have one after another. He breathed a sigh of relief, even if Shanghai was defeated in the end, it would still restore some morale to the young powerhouses in the Temple of Dry Heaven.Boom boom boom…The two of them fought together, and their incomparable physique continued to bombard each other, and the opponent’s physique was both tyrannical to an astonishing degree, which made the young powerhouse of the Temple of Dry Heaven present with a look of astonishment. , The physique of these two people is beyond their imagination.Under the urging of pure physical strength, the explosive power has hit one hundred thousand miles away. Although it is not as superb, the physical strength is endless and it is almost inexhaustible.Deacon, take them away quickly. Shanghai Transmit said.Leave?The time is too late. The Golden Winged Roc can only support a moment at most. You quickly disperse and leave, otherwise no one will be able to leave when the ruling king arrives. I will hold them down for a moment and hurry up. Said.The King of the Hu clan really wants to solve the Golden Winged Roc. Even if he doesn\’t intervene, he will come to see it. Once this King comes, who can escape? Moreover, after Shanghai fought against Jianyao, he suddenly realized that he did not absolutely suppress Jianyao unless he used the hole card.The most important thing is that even if they win against the spears, and based on the extremely poor reputation of the people in Taikoo, these guys will not necessarily fulfill what they have said. The end result is that everyone will still fight hard, but the spears Want to weaken the strongest power of the Temple of Dry Heaven.

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