It\’s good for everyone to eat and drink while enjoying the beautiful scenery, but there is no Gao Shuang here, which makes Jane Xi feel strange. She can\’t help asking, \”won\’t Gao Shuang come and eat together?\”

Hao… Bi Yuelan was worried.Don\’t worry, nothing will happen. Shanghai stroked her face lightly.Seeing this scene, Feng refused to allow his cheeks to twitch several times, his eyes were frighteningly cold, if he could, he would like to shoot Shanghai to death on the spot, but soon, he will let Shanghai understand that the two are not comparable. of.Okay, I\’ll be waiting for you in Doudian. Feng refused to finish speaking, and his figure was already empty.Watching the wind refused to leave, Shanghai\’s figure also moved, turning light to catch up.One wave just flattened, another wave started again.Many powerful people in the Temple of Heavenly Heaven have already learned that someone has reversed the black prison, and the Deacon of the Eighth Palace has already rushed over. Many powerful people who have not been able to rush can only show their regrets, but the voices of various conversations are endless. , The discussion is naturally reversing the black prisoner.Have you heard?What did you hear?The strong man who reversed the black prison was accidentally cursed by the ancient times. A strong man said mysteriously.The Archaic Curse?This is a curse between heaven and earth. Once you hit it, you will be sucked away from all vitality. Only the last few years or more than ten years will survive. It is said that no one can undo this ancient curse.what?This… is too playful, isn\’t it? Isn\’t the strong man who reversed the black prison only alive for more than ten years?All the powerful people who heard about it were immediately shocked. Originally, they were still envious of the powerful one who reversed the black prison. He would become the object of competition among the various palaces of the Qiantian Temple. In the blink of an eye, he was caught by the Primordial Curse. Can live for more than ten years.Many strong people sighed that things are impermanent.At this time!A mark of spiritual consciousness swept in, and a strong man took it easily, crushed it, frowned, and stood up suddenly.Quickly, go to Doudian, the wind is not allowed to confront the strong man who reversed the black prison. The strong man said with a little excitement.What did you say?

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