Only pills like broken thunder pill are too precious or rare, which requires the alchemist to take part of the risk. It\’s understandable. How can Jane Xi not know.

not good……what……Luo Yue and the emperor Sheng Tianzhi suddenly changed their colors, and the impact of the moment caused the sea of ​​consciousness of the two to tremble, and their faces suddenly turned pale. It is temporarily impossible to condense the emperor\’s prestige. And the first emperor seal, after losing the traction of the two emperor prestige, fell towards the bottom.The direction of the fall turned out to be where Mu Ningxue was.See it!The rest of the powerhouses showed their auras one after another, but at the moment when the powers were formed, their auras completely disappeared, because there was still imperial prestige in the void. They were bound by the futon again, and they were unable to move. They could only watch the First Emperor\’s Seal fall into the futon where Mu Ningxue was…Chapter 1406Looking at the first emperor\’s seal hovering in front of him, Mu Ningxue blinked agile eyes, and everyone stared straight at her.Luo Yue\’s face was slightly dark, and the emperor Sheng Tianzhi did not say a word.Shanghai’s mind has been recovered, which is quite surprised. He had never thought that he would get the first emperor\’s seal, because he had lost the opportunity at the time, and the aura of Luo Yue and the emperor Shengtianzhi also contained the emperor. Wei, no matter how strong he is, he can\’t compete with them.But who would have thought that at the moment when the Thunder Emperor Seal was condensed, a burst of imperial might would rush out, causing the first Emperor Seal to fall to Mu Ningxue\’s side.At this time, Mu Ningxue\’s gaze for the inquiry was obviously asking whether he wanted to put away the first emperor\’s seal.Shanghai nodded.Since the first emperor\’s seal has fallen to the place where Mu Ningxue is, it is natural to put it away. Although I don\’t know the function of this thing, it is definitely not bad for Luo Yue and the emperor Sheng Tianzhi to fight for it. .Immediately!Mu Ningxue stretched out her hand to pinch the first emperor seal in full view. In an instant, the emperor seal turned into a streamer, penetrated into her palm, and finally turned into a water-blue color on the palm of her hand. Emperor Wen.Friend Lin, can you let your female companion transfer the first emperor seal to Tianzhi later? said the emperor Sheng Tianzhi through voice transmission.His Royal Highness, this thing was not obtained here, I\’m afraid… Shanghai tactfully refused to say what a joke, how could the things you get will be sold, not to mention, although the relationship with the emperor Shengtianzhi seems to be good on the surface , But he was still quite wary of this woman in his heart, after all, Sheng Tianzhi\’s scheming was too deep to guess what she wanted to do.Friend Lin Daoist\’s remarks may be useful to others, but to Tian Zhi, it is an excuse. Could it be that Lin Daoyou has forgotten that Tian Zhi is also a femalepeople? Your female companion did not immediately take the first emperor seal into her hands, but turned her head and glanced at you, she should be asking for your opinion. \”The emperor Sheng Tianzhi said directly. These words were a bit straightforward and inconsistent with her usual style, but she really needed this first emperor seal.

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