The two men, a middle-aged man and a young man, had been watching the excitement here for a long time. However, because the color and style of Dan master\’s robe were not much different from other robes, there were only signs at the neckline and cuffs. Jian Xi\’s sign at the neckline was covered by Xiao Siyu\’s body. The sign at the cuffs was hard to be noticed during the fight at that time, So even these two people didn\’t see that the girl who was surrounded and killed by the city guard was an alchemist. Besides, her appearance and age were really different, so they just watched the fun there and didn\’t mean to help at all.

The surroundings of the road against the sky have been restored as before, and nearly a thousand core experts are still lying behind, humming from time to time.Obviously, only a short moment has passed since the previous conversation.Whether it is the strong inside or the strong onlookers outside, they don\’t know that Shanghai has negotiated terms with the Shangguan elders and others, but they just feel that Shanghai is gaining momentum.At this time!The icy fog surrounding the three figures at the end of the road against the sky gradually dispersed, showing the faces of the three.The one on the far left is a stunningly beautiful woman who has a pair of amethyst-like pupils. She wears a long dress composed of many sacred flowers, with a variety of fragrant floral scents. There are tens of thousands of scents, and none of these scents conflict with each other.It\’s Lord Qianye!So beautiful……Same as in the rumor.When I could see Master Qianye, I squinted when I died, this time it really didn\’t come in vain.There were amazing voices from all around, among them there were some strong women. It’s no wonder that the woman in front of her was not only naturally stunning, but also one of the three little leagues, possessing terrifying abilities that ordinary people can’t compare. In Qianye and Tianyu, the emperor of Tianyu Imperial Palace, they are also called Shenyu Shuangjiao.Looking at Qianye who appeared first, Shanghai\’s eyes showed a dignified color. When she was covered by the mist of fairy mist, she felt the terrifying aura of this woman overflowing. Now that it is not covered, it is more powerful and terrifying. NS.Shanghai can feel that this Qianye is not much worse than the emperor Sheng Tianzhi.呲…Another figure gradually emerged. It was a man in black ancient armor. This man seemed like an endless night. As soon as he appeared, everyone felt that the void was completely darkened. The heart couldn\’t help but shudder. The silent darkness was quickly harassing him, and when he reacted, he had already lost the power to resist.Xing Luo!One of the three young leagues, no one has seen him make a move. It is said that he has never really made a move. However, all the superpowers who lose in his hands die very strangely, as if they have seen endless horror. Like, they were all scared to death in the end, without exception.Chapter 1455The last figure was the head of the three young alliances, named Mo Yu. At the moment it appeared, the darkness brought by Xing Luo seemed to be dispelled by endless light, and the shining ancient pattern on the eyebrows from time to time, like The scorching sun is the size of an ordinary star field.As long as those who looked at him, unresistible hearts surged.

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