Jian Xi handed the prepared badge to the nun. After the nun verified it, she returned the badge to Jian Xi and led Jian Xi to a room not far behind the long table to let Jian Xi stand in a place. Xiao Siyu left Jian Xi for a few steps and stood aside, The female nun looked at the plate-sized milky white thing inlaid in the ceiling above Jane Xi\’s head, which was similar to the ceiling lamp. After playing a few tricks, the thing lit up. The light shed was not diffuse, but focused on Jane Xi, wrapped her up, and after a few breaths, the light disappeared, and the female nun held a jade card, But three numbers flashed out, twenty-three.

Okay! The elder cracked the sky and handed the storage bracelet to Shanghai, and then cast his eyes on the fat elder. At this moment, the body of the fat elder was already shaking, his face paled, and his eyes revealed fierceness. Mang, but he didn\’t dare to do anything.a long time!The fat elder seemed to be discouraged, and said weakly, \”These… are all accidental…\”Then put it away and hand it in to the treasure house, as well as you.Also…also…Yes… by accident.Thank you, the envoy, turn in the treasure house…The three deacons were full of sullen expressions, and there was heartache in their eyes, but they couldn\’t help it, and even the two elders were helpless, let alone them.Chapter 1500 An Extinct ThingWhen the group of people in Shanghai left, the two elders almost couldn\’t lift it up in one breath, and suddenly vomited a large mouthful of old blood, especially the fat elder. His treasures were all obtained with a lot of hard work. , But now it\’s all gone, it\’s pretty good not to faint on the spot.As for the trouble with the great elders of Shanghai and Split Sky?Naturally, the two elders did not dare to think about it. Even the leader sent six gods to guard. It is conceivable that these two people are in the heart of the leader. Although they are the elders of the leader, if they anger the leader , Even the lord’s son will be slapped to death.Elder Cracking Sky, these storage bracelets… Shanghai took out those storage bracelets.You take it away. The elder cracking sky shook his head.Close it? Isn\’t this going to be handed over to the treasure house? Shanghai was startled.Don\’t Lin Xiaoyou understand the meaning of what the leader said before? The elder cracking sky laughed and said, the previous sulky breath finally figured out a lot.The meaning in the words of the leader… Shanghai recalled. At that time, the leader of the Fallen God, Chi Yue, explained that he had to give the leader a lesson. He didn\’t think much about it at the time, and now that when I think about it, I think about the elder cracking sky. Intentionally, I understood something in a moment.obviously!It is nothing more than giving him a favor.As for why the leader Chiyue wanted to do this, Shanghai\’s heart was full of confusion. After thinking for a moment, she still couldn\’t understand. In the end, she shook her head helplessly. They were all things he wanted to find but didn\’t find, especially those rare and extremely rare materials.

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