When Jane Xi came back, she saw such a picture, very beautiful and quiet.

Hmph, get out of here. Ye Lan snorted coldly. If the two of Qingxue made a move, he would be a little bit jealous. He was the weakest one, and he tried to fight against him. However, after another thought, I would kill one anyway. It would be the same to kill anyone. With a wave of his hand, the condensed black giant axe slashed out.Boom…The world was cut horizontally, and the entire Night Demon City trembled violently, and the condensed Primordial Enchantment was constantly shaking, as if it might collapse at any time.呲呲…Some low-strength Primordial Gods and Demons had dense cracks in their bodies, which made their hearts palpitate. Under the defense of the Primordial Enchantment, they were all shocked. If there were no Primordial Enchantment defense, wouldn’t they be overwhelmed by the remaining coercion. Broken, quickly retreated to the distance.Facing this terrifying power of attack and killing, Shanghai\’s body shook slightly, and with a cry, a chain of barren patterns emerged, which contained three hundred top-level barren patterns and 4,000 high-level barren patterns. Wen, at the same time, thunder spear turned out.Taishidi skill!After reaching the level of the Seventh World Zun, Shanghai has a deeper understanding of Taishi\’s emperor\’s skills. It is able to play ninety-nine emperor\’s skills in an instant. In addition to its own magic skills, the combination of the two skills will give more power. It is extremely scary.呲…The black giant axe from the horizontal cut was pierced by the tip of the Thunder God\’s Spear, and it shook slightly, and then the entire black giant axe cracked. There were cracks everywhere. At the same time, Shanghai\’s body also suffered. The pressure was extremely terrifying.Kaka…The body was instantly covered with cracks and spread towards the head.Shanghai urged the rebirth of the ancient demon, and continued to restore itself to resist the terrifying force that was overwhelming. The city lord Ye Lan\’s strength was indeed terrifying. If it weren\’t for his own ancient demon blood, it had reached 950,000. Di, if the regeneration of the ancient demon is promoted again, I am afraid that under this blow, he will be destroyed.Even more surprised, in fact, it was Ye Lan, staring at Shanghai in astonishment. Not only did he fail to kill the boy in front of him, but he also broke his magical skills.呲…The Thunder God\’s spear pierced Ye Lan\’s black ancient armor.You have such a terrifying power to attack and kill, it surprised me, but you want to kill me, but you don\’t have this ability.Ye Lan sneered coldly, and strange patterns of ancient gods and demons appeared on the black ancient armor. Emperor, what is left is actually comparable to ordinary treasures.Suddenly, the Thunder Spear could no longer penetrate, and could only stay on the black ancient armor.Is it actually an imperial weapon… or an unformed main imperial weapon? Ye Lan saw the essence of the Thunder God Spear, and his eyes lit up. \”Haha, these treasures fall into your hands. It\’s a violent thing, it\’s better. Refining it for the city lord to become a magic weapon, suck it for me.\” While speaking, a black whirlpool appeared on the black ancient armor, and the horrible suction turned out.

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