Zhang Rong left. Jane Xi was a little relieved. At least she didn\’t have to bother others.

call out……The high-level demon slave shot, suddenly turned into an endless afterimage, and the speed was astonishing. The Gong Zidan and two of them could not react at all, and could only watch the high-level demon slave grab their heads.Suddenly, a figure appeared across the board, the vast body resembling a tens of thousands of sacred peaks, Shanghai hit the senior demon slave\’s chest with a punch, containing the Taishi emperor\’s skill, how terrifying, the burst of power is extremely Astonishing, smashed the chest of the senior demon slave in a flash.However, the high-level demon slave did not retreat. Its eyes flashed with an ancient and primitive tyrannical atmosphere, ancient and mysterious, full of ancient charm, that is the most ancient power, its hand directly grasped Shanghai\’s fist.At the moment he touched it, Shanghai felt a primitive and ancient power. This power was extremely violent. Even if it was his physique, it was hard to resist. In an instant, this primitive power invaded his right arm. .not good!Shanghai screamed in his heart, and immediately twisted and slammed, his right arm was torn off, and at the same time he kicked the senior demon slave in the face and kicked it out, both of them exploded and withdrew from the distance of a hundred meters at the same time. , Trampled the channel into a long gully.Friends of Lin Dao… Gong Zidan couldn\’t help being shocked when they saw Shanghai\’s right arm broken.It\’s okay. Shanghai\’s right arm was recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye.Seeing this scene, Gong Zidan and the other two were shocked, and suddenly realized that Shanghai may have the blood of the ancient gods and demons. It is no wonder that the physique is so powerful and can be regenerated.This is not uncommon in the celestial sanctuary. Nowadays, some of the strongest people are descendants of the ancient gods and demons thousands of years ago, and they also have the same regeneration ability, but the speed of recovery is much slower than that of Shanghai. So it\’s not very strange.The senior demon slave grabbed Shanghai\’s broken right arm, stared at Shanghai, and then stared at her right arm again, as if thinking about something.Gong Zidan and the two were ready to take the opportunity to make a move, but they were blocked by Shanghai.Strange, its hostility to us is weakening… Zihu said.Yeah! Let\’s take a look first.Shanghai nodded, he also felt strange. The senior demon slave was holding his broken right arm and seemed to be studying something, and did not make another move. In fact, he was also very curious because the original power released by the senior demon slave was extremely terrifying. Even his physique could not resist.Although it was the first time I felt it, there was an inexplicable feeling in Shanghai, which made him eager to understand and even control this power.The blocked Gongzidan can only stare at the high-level demon slaves vigilantly. If they can’t do it, they are naturally unwilling to do it. The high-level demon slave’s shot just before, they did not see clearly, and let them even more. What was surprising was that Shanghai\’s ability was able to repel high-level demon slaves.Big Brother, the strength of this fellow Lin Daoist is probably still higher than us. Gong Zixu said in a voice transmission.Well, wait for Fellow Lin to take care of it. Don\’t take any action at will, otherwise you will be in trouble. If you are happy, please take it back from the bottom of your heart. When we embark on the path of cultivation, we will know that sooner or later. There will be such a day.

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