Sure enough, as soon as he entered the house, Li Siyu was already sitting on the Kang in a daze.

You are the person chosen by the Dragon Mother. You really lived up to the Dragon Mother\’s hopes and achieved the Dragon Demon Body. However, you are still very weak. You must improve yourself as soon as possible, so as not to disappoint the Dragon Mother\’s intentions. Zun said slowly.Mother Dragon… Does the emperor know the Mother Dragon?More than knowing, if it weren\’t for Dragon Mother, I would have died a long time ago, and I wouldn\’t have had a chance to kill my opponent. Huntian Emperor sighed slightly, staring at Shanghai.Your opponent?Well, a heinous guy who killed my beloved. Because of him, I have become a taboo. All he wants to do is to imprison my beloved and separate us. He is the king of the immortal clan and possesses supreme immortal power. , I am not his opponent, because of him, all of us betrayed our relatives and finally ended up fleeing. The Emperor Huntian\’s tone was full of helplessness.When I lost all my power, the soul of the dragon mother appeared. She guided me to the demon lair and obtained the inheritance of the first demon emperor Zhe Yu. I broke the taboo, and then I gained some special powers. Those powers come from the descendants of the two respected persons. said Emperor Huntian.Is it Yao Zhizun and Longxie Zhizun?Yes, it was their power. It was because of these powers that I became the emperor, returned to the fairyland, and killed the guy I hated for a lifetime. Huntian emperor paused when he said this. These things are now in the past and have become everything I will never forget, and you will experience the details of these things in the future.\”I will experience it? Shanghai was taken aback.Yes, because you are me and I am you… said Emperor Huntian.I am you, you are me? Shanghai was stunned on the spot.I am your second life… Huntian Emperor said.The second life… Shanghai was shocked.Yes, otherwise, why did Dragon Mother look for me? It is because I am your second life, so Dragon Mother helped me to get my revenge, but also for you. Everything we do in each life is for the sake of To fulfill you, of course it is also me. Emperor Huntian\’s voice became illusory, \”I am running out of time, and I can only see your own destiny in the future.\”Remember, Daochu\’s death was not accidental, but inevitable. The reason why his body exists is that a terrible guy needs…Horrible guy?A guy who is afraid of even the Dragon Mother, as for who it is, you will know in the future. I can\’t tell you too much, because it is a taboo. If you say it, it will only bring you even greater disaster… all of this , You will understand later. The Emperor Huntian disappeared.Located in the void of space, Shanghai\’s mood has been difficult to calm down for a long time, and his second life is actually the Emperor Huntian…And what did the sentence before Huntian Emperor disappeared mean? There is a terrible person, who is afraid of even Dragon Mother, who is that person? There is also Daochu\’s body. When I first saw Daochu\’s body, Shanghai felt very strange.Now that Emperor Huntian said this, the waves in Shanghai\’s heart were even greater. That terrifying and mysterious guy actually needed the body of Dao Chu.

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