Although only three of the more than a dozen warehouses are grain, it is enough for a large family to eat with an open stomach for several years.

I leaned back into the soft pillow on the sofa, stretched a long stretch, gave a satisfied sigh, and held the beautiful apple laptop I bought yesterday. The speed is fast! Every penny counts! Optical fiber and wireless router were all completed yesterday. The rest is the Internet! Long time no see!!! First, open QQ and enter the password, but it was her own QQ number in her previous life. This has become a habit of her. When she opened the computer, she went on QQ, but she was careless and didn\’t hide. She quickly hid her body and dived into the water. Fortunately, he reacted quickly, otherwise people would think it was a supernatural event. However, looking at the flashing avatars, after clicking on them, they are all messages. These messages that have been on the top for more than half a year include original colleagues, friends and classmates, inquiries, thinking of her, and wishing her a good journey and be happy in heaven Jane Xi opened it one by one and looked at it. Tears fell unconsciously. No one would think that the lonely soul did not go far away, very close to them. Turning and watching, there was a touch of warmth and attachment in those messages, but there was also an accident. There was also the information that the manager of the original company urged her to go to work again and again on QQ, oh, and criticism. Looking at these messages, Jane Xi felt a little funny. She never logged on QQ since she checked out cancer. This is why President Wang urged her when they couldn\’t find him when she didn\’t go to work after she got back the test results. Now the real estate of the development company has not been sold out, but it is far away from her, as if there would be no intersection if she didn\’t buy a house there. \”If you have time to go and have a look, are all the little girls in the sales office still there? How are they? Remember when she laughed with them? Remember their sister yuan? Seeing them again now, I\’m afraid I\’m the little girl? Must we call them sisters? \” Thinking of this, Jane regretted that her tears had not dried, but she smiled again. The funny scene of \”they call themselves sisters and they call themselves little girls\” seems to reappear in their mind. Looking at those friends, she slowly recalled the past night, and then simply turned it off and kept those memories in a small place at the bottom of her heart. Then he opened the web page and browsed it at will. The God of war turned around, jumped on the sofa, fell down, and rubbed his head against Jane Xi. It was very intimate. Just then, the doorbell \”Ding Dong, Ding Dong\” rang, breaking the quiet and peaceful atmosphere in the living room. Jane Xi thought that her grandparents had slipped back, put on their shoes, kicked inside and ran to the door. The God of war also \”swished\” off the sofa, followed Jane Xi to the door, and kept barking \”Wang, Wang, Wang\”. Jane Xi looked down suspiciously at the abnormal God of war, Grandpa and grandma come back, God of war should not be in such a state! Instead of opening the door, she leaned close to the cat\’s eye and looked out Chapter 26 mervydon gate The doorbell was still ringing. \”Who is this? You can\’t press it later. How can you press it hard?\” Jane whispered. She put her eyes close to the cat\’s eye. Through the cat\’s eye, she saw a middle-aged man standing at the dark door. She didn\’t know him, but she looked familiar and couldn\’t remember who he was. Had to shout at the door: \”who?\” \”Open the door, is that you?\” the man replied. \”Who are you?\” \”I\’m dad. Open the door for Dad.\”

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