Hearing that her husband could help her find a job, Li Sinong was immediately happy. Just now, he was depressed because he didn\’t have a job.

I feel like living in a mythical world, said Jane Xinyan dreamily on her face. \”We may all become gods in mythology now,\” Jane replied with a smile. \”Yes, let\’s work hard. We should all live forever. The family will always be together,\” said Jane Xinyan happily, and began to appreciate her new home when she came back for the first time. Because of the strong aura, more than a dozen pots of large and small flowers in the family grow very strong. Some have bloomed and are beautiful and moving. In addition, the simple and careful arrangement at home is clean, comfortable and warm. Jane Xi introduced to her the reasons and original intention of each new purchase, as well as the functions of each room. The two elders of Jane\’s family lived on the second floor. Now they have a bedroom and a room for practice, so as not to disturb each other. On the third floor, Jianxi and Xinyan also have their own suites, which have the functions of rest and cultivation. Jane Xi\’s room let her decorate herself into a pure sky blue, which was as fresh as a mess. Jane Xinyan\’s room is mainly goose yellow, with goose yellow curtains, bed covers, sofas and cushions. However, the walls, wardrobe and bed are white, which were brought during the original fine decoration, and Jane Xi has not changed. The whole room is so warm that people can\’t help but want to sleep on the bed or sofa and hold the pillow. \”Mom, this is your room. Ha ha, I don\’t know whether you like it or not. It\’s all arranged by my daughter.\” Jane Xi gently pushed open the door in front of her. \”Wow! Like – like – I didn\’t expect that Xi\’er in our family was so sensible that she remembered the room in which her mother liked this color best.\” Xin Yan\’s eyes burst into tears. Her daughter is really a mother\’s sweet little cotton padded jacket! \”Mom, come on, go in and have a look. Don\’t just stand at the door.\” Jane Xi couldn\’t help but be ashamed. She didn\’t know that Jane Xinyan liked to decorate her room in goose yellow. A trace of shame rose in her heart. \”Mom likes this sofa very much. It\’s good to put it in this position. There\’s also a carefree chair. Yo! There\’s also a fox skin cushion. Mom can sit and watch – well, it\’s very comfortable! Make a pot of fragrant tea on the small table next to her and read a book. You can just look out the window when your eyes are tired. Xi\’er, my good Xi\’er, you\’re so considerate. We\’ll have to go home in H City in the future This arrangement makes her mother like this style. \”Jane Xinyan hugged Jane Xi and\” Bo \”kissed her face before she released it. At this time, Jane Xi\’s little face was already red, which made Jane Xinyan laugh and tremble. Her daughter was kissed by her mother. She was shy. \”Mom, you\’re tired all the way. When shopping a few days ago, I saw a family\’s home clothes. They must be comfortable. I bought you two sets. You take a bath first, change into home clothes and have a rest. My grandmother and I go to cook dinner. When it\’s good, I\’ll call you again, OK?\” Jane said softly. Jane Xinyan suddenly had a feeling of being taken care of. Her daughter really grew up and would take care of herself. Her eyes turned red again, nodded gently, took Jane Xi\’s home clothes and walked into the bathroom. Jane Xi didn\’t pay attention to Xinyan\’s eyes. She suddenly kissed Jane Xinyan\’s face quickly, and then ran downstairs in her stunned and red eyes. Xinyan is full of happiness at the moment. Yes, happiness is the kind of happiness surrounded by the family affection of her relatives. Her daughter really grows up and knows that she hurts her mother. She closes the bathroom door and tears of happiness run down her cheeks. Being a mother is so easy to be satisfied. As long as a small word, a kiss and a small matter of concern can make them feel that they have paid all before, It\’s worth it. When Xinyan comes back, the villas in the villa are even more popular. Jianxi and the second old man are also very happy. Jianxi and grandma are busy in the kitchen. They must fix up a rich dinner to welcome their mother (daughter) home. When Xinyan finished taking a bath, she changed into her home clothes, dried her hair and didn\’t go to bed. Although she had been on the plane for several hours, she was already a cultivation on the second floor of Qi refining after all. It was nothing. She didn\’t feel tired and had to go downstairs. From a distance, I smelled a smell. There was already a detained dish on the table. Grandpa Jane was teasing the God of war in the yard. The laughter of grandma Jane Xi and grandma Fang came from the kitchen. Xinyan also came to the kitchen and saw Jane Xi wearing an apron like Grandma Fang, busy there. \”Mom, I\’ll do it.\” Jane Xinyan wanted to take over the kitchen knife in grandma Fang\’s hand, but Grandma Fang refused. \”No, Xinyan, it\’ll be ready right away. Six dishes are all your favorite. You go in and watch TV. You don\’t need it.\”. \”Mom, I\’m in charge of the spoon today, and grandma started it for me. Hehe, you need to see my craft today! It\’ll be ready soon, ten minutes at most,\” said Jane\’s fragile voice.

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