The old lady took it over and said with a smile, I miss the rain so much. There are still students invited to dinner when I go out.

You two stop, you are not allowed to go in here. the two policemen have stopped them both, \”get away -\” Xin Yu shouted angrily, and with only a flick, he pushed away the two young policemen. A cold chill penetrated into the strong bodies of the two policemen. They shivered involuntarily. Suddenly, it was like entering a very cold place. Their faces were instantly pale and their bodies were a little stiff. They stood on both sides in an extremely strange posture and were no longer blocked. Jian Xi knew that Xinyu\’s men were measured and didn\’t do anything to them. In a moment, they would slow down. When she saw the state of the two policemen, she remembered that she was a man of practice, not an ordinary person. The idea has just started, and the divine consciousness has covered the whole villa. However, in the yard of the villa, only the blood stains on the ground and on the villa wall were seen. Except for the police, there was no one. The divine knowledge spread to their own home. Even the second old man of the Jane family did not see the figure. Xinyu also thought of observing with divine knowledge, but they saw surprise and deep concern in their eyes. And all these didn\’t stop them. Even Wang Mingfu and Xin Wei followed. At this time, several policemen had gathered. One of them, a middle-aged man in casual clothes about 1.75 meters tall, greeted him and said seriously, \”why did you break in? Don\’t you know it\’s the police now?\”. \”This is my home. Why can\’t I come in?\” I don\’t know the recent situation of the four old people. Even if Xinyu becomes more sensible now, after all, he is only 18 years old. He is young and energetic. Sometimes he doesn\’t distinguish ordinary people from immortal people. He grabbed at the middle-aged man\’s collar, as fast as lightning. The middle-aged man seemed to have some foundation, but in the face of such a fast hand speed, he had not reacted. He had been caught by the tall Xinyu, with a gloomy face about to drip water, and shouted: \”tell me quickly – what happened here? What about my grandparents? Grandpa Jane and them?\” The collar tightened the middle-aged man\’s neck. The middle-aged man\’s face was red. Seeing this, the surrounding police gathered together one after another. The quick reaction had taken out the wearing gun and aimed at Xinyu. \”Xin Yu, put it down, put the people down.\” Jian Xi saw that Xin Yu was so impulsive and hurriedly shouted to him. The middle-aged man had made it clear that she was the leader of the police. She didn\’t want to make things worse. \”Put it down -\” seeing that Xinyu still stared and maintained that posture, Jian Xi drank softly again. Xinyu gently released his hand. The middle-aged man looked at the young man in front of him in surprise. After taking a few deep breaths, the red and purple on his face improved. Xinyu stared at the middle-aged man in front of him with anxious and gloomy eyes. If he lingered and didn\’t say, he would repeat his old trick again. After breathing deeply for several times, the middle-aged man soon returned to normal, coughed twice, adjusted his voice that was somewhat uncomfortable before being strangled by his collar, and said in a deep voice, \”are you the grandson and granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. yuan xiongliang and Mr. and Mrs. Jian Dongjian? Hello, my name is Zhang Qingguo, vice captain of the criminal police detachment of J Municipal Public Security Bureau and the person in charge of this incident\”. \”Captain Zhang, what happened?\” Wang Mingfu, who stopped the car and rushed over, came forward to shake hands with Zhang Qingguo and asked in a deep voice. \”Mr. Wang! Do you know each other? Well, I just wanted to talk to them.\” after Zhang Qingguo looked at Xin Yu and Jian Xi with anxious faces, he immediately got to the point \”The thing is, we received an alarm from the community security half an hour ago. When three people entered the community 40 minutes ago, they asked where the yuan family and Jane family were. Before the security guards contacted the two people, they had forcibly rushed into the community and went straight to the nearest yuan family. One of the community security guards was beaten because he blocked them Cheng was seriously injured and has now been sent to the hospital. He should not be out of danger. \”. \”Where are the grandparents?\” Xin Yu and Jian Xi asked in unison. \”Don\’t worry, listen to me. According to witnesses and other security guards in the community, the three people rushed into the yuan family. The second old man of the yuan family and the second old man of the Jane family were playing chess and chatting in the yard. After the three people kicked open the door, there were fighting and tragic voices soon. More and more people gathered in the community. Someone called the police, but after we arrived, the three people had left, No one dared to stop them. However, according to witnesses, each of them still had one person in their hands. Only Ms. Jiang, who was seriously injured, was left in the villa. At present, she has been sent to the Second Affiliated Hospital for treatment. \”Zhang Qingguo said the whole thing in a few words. \”Is my grandmother all right?\” Xin Yu asked hurriedly. \”We don\’t know yet,\” Zhang said apologetically.

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