Li Chengyue knew that her brother was bluffing her and wanted her to drink too. But also afraid of being found, he picked up the bowl and drank the rest.

Yes! Jane, think twice, Qiu Yan said in wonder. \”Don\’t you know why Jian Daoyou gave up the demon pill?\” Li Yan has always wanted to get the demon pill of the second thunder beast, because he has been looking for it for a long time. With this demon pill of the second thunder beast, he can ask someone to refine a broken thunder pill to help people break through the bottleneck. He will use it when he is ready to break through Yuanying. He has been in the later stage of Yuanying and is not far from the Jin level. He plans in advance and plans ahead. He couldn\’t find it when he got it, which is also the result of his efforts today. He had planned to let Jane Xi choose first. She was a junior in the golden elixir period. It was still early to take Po Lei Dan and put it in her hand. I can\’t use it for the time being. After she chooses, she can buy it by herself or exchange it with items. It\’s the same, but he didn\’t expect that the little girl didn\’t want it at all. This gave him a burst of joy in the bottom of his heart. \”It\’s not very useful for Jane Xi to ask for this demon pill. I saw that the predecessors risked their lives to kill this thunder beast. I think it needs the demon pill of the thunder beast more than Jane Xi, so Jane Xi only needs its blood and bones. The demon pill can better reflect its value in your hands.\” Jane Xi just saw the happy look at the bottom of Li Yan\’s eyes. After a little reasoning, he already understood the general reason, so he said that everyone carried the Huahua sedan chair with the same result. In other words, it will make people appreciate you more. In fact, is it really the reason for her choice? Of course not. Although Jane Xi has experienced danger and received a lot of benefits today, she also knows that she is not a virgin. She was right about this choice. For the time being, the demon pill of the fourth level two thunder beast really didn\’t have much function for her, and she didn\’t say she was proficient in alchemy, but the commonly used pill was precious and she knew it very well. The most common and most suitable cultivation with these people was breaking thunder pill, Moreover, thunder beasts are rare. No, they are very rare and difficult to meet. This is also the reason why these people are so desperate today, so they need this demon pill more than him. Blood and bones are almost useless to them, but they are of great use to her. That\’s why she said it. Sure enough—— In particular, Li Yan and Qiu Yan were all happy and grateful. Shen Hongyan was no worse than them. Only Wang Qiang\’s face was suddenly cloudy and sunny. He planned to provoke a few words when Jian Xi chose the demon pill, but he didn\’t expect that the woman chose those useless demon blood and bones instead of the demon pill. I don\’t know if she was stupid. \”I didn\’t expect that Taoist friend Jian could be so strong at a young age. I\’m the one who made a good plan to use the demon pill of the thunder beast as the main medicine to refine the broken thunder pill in case of breakthrough in the future. I promised that if there were more than three demon pills refined in the future, there would be one of Taoist friend Jian, blood and bone. Taoist friend Jian just take it. It\’s very important for us Li Yan\’s words are open enough. At the same time, taking into account everyone\’s interests, I have to say that Jiang is still old and spicy. Jane Xi did not refuse any more, but gladly agreed, but she thought in her heart, can she refine this broken thunder pill? After she got the medicine garden with multiple doors, she began to learn to refine some simple four pill pills when she walked in the endless desert. Now the success rate of some simple four pill pills is 34 / 10, but this broken thunder pill is much more difficult than those pills she refined before. She is really not sure whether she can succeed. Let\’s put it down for the time being. They can\’t find someone to refine until they get out of the forest, can they? \”Well, let\’s do it together and disassemble the thunder beast,\” Jane said with a smile. So Li Yan used the fire skill to open the thick ice on the outer layer. Jian Xi began to collect its blood and tried not to waste it as much as possible, because the monster had lost a lot of blood before. After receiving the blood, the people took out a fist sized demon pill from its big head. The purple demon pill, which was washed clean by water, twinkled with dazzling luster. It was very beautiful. Jane Xi could not help sighing that such a monster could have such a beautiful demon pill. After dismantling the bones and collecting the blood, Jian Xi\’s things are finished. The broken thunder Dan refined by the demon Dan was originally divided by Li Yan, Qiu Yan and Shen Hongyan. Other things are useless, so the monk of the golden pill can only put away the thunder beast\’s thousand sore and hundred hole skin and throw a pile of meat into the field. Jane Xi looked and asked. Unexpectedly, no one wanted the meat, so in the spirit of not wasting, she also put it away, which made everyone present laugh. The little girl collected some useless things. However, they also knew that they could not get cheap and sell well. Wang Qiang met them later and had no agreement with him. When fighting, The boy didn\’t do anything. It\’s good to give him an animal skin. He doesn\’t have the qualification to share the broken thunder Dan with them. So you don\’t have to pay attention to him. Jianxi is so considerate, so several people have a pretty good attitude towards Jianxi, and don\’t treat her as an ordinary Jindan friar. The people gathered up the dead people, gathered up the stumps and buried them respectively. Unexpectedly, so many people were lost in this war, and there was a demon cultivation hidden in it, which makes people still have lingering fear.

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