Although Li Siyu disagreed, she couldn\’t convince her. After all, the old lady could only see what was in front of her.

She smiled to herself and put away the messy spiritual plants. Jane looked at the ores, big and small, and a piece of too large, which was put in the storage bag. There was no place to put it out. At the beginning, Jianxi didn\’t know what some things were, but there were still some people who knew them and used them to refine tools. Jianxi couldn\’t help thinking of Qingyue. Qingyue was incomplete. She always knew that it was the same anyway. It\’s better to find some materials to add in and see if it can improve its level. After all, it took so long and was easy to use. He collected the minerals separately and looked at the sundries. Nothing special, and I didn\’t see what it was. They didn\’t pursue it. They all put it away. Who knows which day they can find something valuable from it. I want to extract those minerals, but I think of the huge stone in the storage bag. There are some strange textures on it. If you look carefully, you will feel dizzy. Jane Xi understands that this should be an array, and it looks natural. Is this the rhythm of finding treasure? Jane Xi was a little happy. She couldn\’t help opening the door, opening another door in the hall, winding down the stairs until she reached a very deep underground. Then Jane Xi came to a very wide underground secret room. With some excitement, she immersed herself in the boulder again. This time, she insisted for 13 or 4 minutes. Jane Xi broke away from the feeling of dizziness again and closed her eyes to digest the new array law. It was said that the law was too big, but it was just a breath of law, which had benefited her a lot. After watching twice, Jane Xi\’s original array knowledge in her mind was reorganized and optimized. All kinds of runes and mysterious law breath were affecting her. She sat there quietly and looked at everything from the outside as usual, but no one could see that her array knowledge was enriching at a high speed. Finally, it seemed that after an inaudible sound, Jian Xi\’s eyes seemed to open up a different space, and that space was full of the law breath of the array Road, and the center of these breath was the beautiful planet \”Xiyuan star\”, which had been covered by more than half of the green. All the law breath of the array road slowly penetrated into Xiyuan star, The whole geological landform of Xiyuan star is changing silently, which seems to follow some laws. Jane Xi sat there day and night. When she suddenly opened her eyes, there seemed to be a mysterious vortex in her pupils, as if she could attract people\’s souls, but it disappeared in a moment. \”Is there a level seven array master? Levels seven, eight and nine after level seven are called array masters on the whirling Hill star. Level seven is a barrier, but it is not a small barrier. After that, they are called masters, but among the array masters, there are three levels. In terms of arrangement, there are only level seven array masters, level eight array masters and level nine array Taoist masters In the name of \”master of array Taoism\”, Jian Xi\’s lips can\’t help a radian. This stone is really a good thing! This Zhang Rong, but he has found a good treasure for himself. He will give him more benefits to encourage him later. Thinking about the addictive feeling when she understood the array Tao, Jane Xi couldn\’t help looking at the boulder again. The lines on the boulder that made her dizzy before, but now when she looked again, she could understand its essence. She once again affirmed that the grain array on this boulder was absolutely natural, not artificially carved the day after tomorrow. The area of the lines observed in front of him expanded. Jian Xi had been studying for half an hour, and there was no dizziness, so he continued to look. After an hour, he regained his previous feeling, quickly collected his mind, closed his eyes and digested it. With the passage of time, she persisted for longer and longer, and her understanding of the array road became more and more profound. The array road gave her a more and more mysterious feeling, and she was fascinated. Ten days passed without her knowing it. When she woke up, it was also the time when the cultivation of the array was improved again. With her heart, she seemed to feel the existence of the array law from her own space. Although it was still very vague, this feeling was an unprecedented experience. Level 8 array master, the only 24-year-old array master on the whole xuanqiu star, didn\’t expect that she could make such progress in just ten days. Jane Xi\’s heart was about to fly. She was unhappy that it was false, and she was going crazy. Jane Xi knew that she had such a talent in array learning, but what she didn\’t know was that although she had excellent talent in array, it was the role of that huge stone that she could understand and improve array cultivation so quickly this time. In these ten days, while she carefully experienced the mysterious lines on the boulder, the boulder also exuded a mysterious energy that Jane Xi could not find, even the monks in Mahayana could not find. It also penetrated into Jane Xi\’s body and spiritual consciousness, bound with her soul breath, and transformed her body and Yuanshen. Those array Tao rules were also integrated with them, making their Tao body more perfect. The integration of array Tao rules also led to her understanding of array Tao improving at an incredible speed. Only then did she improve two levels one after another, reaching the level of an eight level array master. For a long time, she completely converged the breath of array law emitted by herself and returned to normal. However, she was also surprised to find that her cultivation improved again, reached the late stage of out of body, and was still very stable.

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