Li Siyu looked back and saw Yang Jun running back with his mouth open.

Bai Xiaoqing waited outside the cave array. Seeing Jane Xi coming back, he greeted her with a smile. \”I said, younger martial sister, where did you go and how did you come back from the outside? I was just about to send notes to the inside, but I didn\’t expect you to come back from the outside.\” Bai Xiaoqing put away the messenger in her hand and said angrily. \”What\’s the matter? Elder martial sister Xiaoqing?\” Jane smiled back. \”Good thing! You know, the third elder of Dan Shigong guild just came to visit our master. I heard that you are already a level 6 alchemist and want to see you whatever you say. No, the master sent me to call people. You said that the master can directly send a message to you, but he let you come here. Alas!\” Bai Xiaoqing said sadly. \”Why? Come to see me once and call me once, which makes you feel wronged? What else is best for me? It seems that it\’s all a lie! What a wrong person!\” Jane Xi put on a look of regret and asked Bai Xiaoqing to sing \”poo poo\” and said: \”I said, younger martial sister, you\’re exaggerating too much. Come on, let\’s talk while walking!\” Bai Xiaoqing pulled Jian Xi\’s sleeve and flew up and went straight to the master\’s cave. The teacher Jianxi of the cave didn\’t know how many times she had come, so she was familiar with it. After entering the cave led by the servant, Jianxi saw another master Liu Shengtao sitting upright in the hall. Jian Xigang wanted to open her mouth to call the master, but she was blocked by Liu Shengtao\’s voice. Jian Xigang stuck out her tongue in her heart, and then pretended not to know Li Zhiyu. After giving a gift to Li Zhiyu, she got to know Liu Shengtao again under the introduction of Li Zhiyu. Liu Shengtao pretended to be a model again, looked at Jian Xi\’s qualification and the pill she refined, and then loudly began to bombard Li Zhiyu with words, saying that he should let Jian Xi worship his teacher and make him a teacher to teach her Dan. Li Zhiyu certainly wouldn\’t agree at first, but under Liu Shengtao\’s clever words, he still compromised. He really can\’t stop the growth and future of his little apprentice on the side of Dandao. Otherwise, it would be unfair to Jane and he would be too selfish. Looking at Liu Shengtao\’s happy straight beard, Li Zhiyu was very unhappy. All the disciples robbed their own cave, but it was his own fault. Who let him show off his little apprentice with his old friends. Alas, you can\’t live for your sins! Li Zhiyu felt depressed in his heart. Of course, Jian Xi won\’t shirk it. It\’s natural to offer tea again and worship the master again. Then Liu Shengtao threw Jian Xi a storage ring, saying it was a meeting ceremony, and then Shi Shi ran left, and asked her to go to Dan Shigong association to find him for a while. These days are not good. Another old friend of mine is going to survive the robbery and impact the Mahayana period. He also has to help him protect the Dharma horse, He was too busy, so when he left, he told Jane to cherish her way. Of course, Jianxi readily agreed. Anyway, this is just a form. Prove it. Jianxi only worships Liu Shengtao as a teacher now. Before, she had nothing to do with Liu Shengtao. This is also a way to protect those who still don\’t give up in disguise. I really don\’t want others to associate them from the beginning. Liu Shengtao is now a monk in Mahayana. Although he is only in the early stage, he is also a top presence on xuanqiu star. Liu Shengtao left. After all, Li Zhiyu is a monk in Mahayana, so he is actually very happy about this matter. After all, his apprentice is really excellent, which makes Liu Shengtao, an old medicine head, can\’t help accepting apprentices. He couldn\’t stop her from gradually disappearing into the world because she didn\’t have the guidance of a famous teacher on the Dan Road. He was not that kind of person, so he really agreed to it. Gradually, Jian Xi was accepted as an apprentice by the three elders of Dan Shigong guild. At present, it has become the hottest topic of Xuantian sect. Even Zuo canhua, who saved Jian Xi six months ago, came here to ask questions and lamented Jian Xi\’s good luck. There are actually two Mahayana friars as masters. This honor also makes Jane Xi the focus, so her whereabouts are easy to attract everyone\’s attention. I don\’t want to be high-profile. I want to be low-key – Jane Xi is shouting in her heart, but the reality is very skinny. Jian Xi took the task of digging spiritual herbs. Such a task can be big or small, difficult or easy. It depends on how the disciples adjust themselves. Jane Xi took the God of war and Xiao out of the door after everything was settled. In fact, she just closed the whole cave, leaving only Zhang Rong to be responsible for some daily things. Others let her take it into the realm of Xiyuan. After all, if they go out, they can be properly let out to have a rest. When they meet the right opportunity, they can be transferred out for practice. It\’s not enough to practice by sulking, Even novices know this.

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