Today is the first day of work. She doesn\’t know where the canteen is. Of course, she has to be familiar with it.

Qi Jiehan, Yu Shanshan, Zhao Xiaohan and Tong Tong, who did not belong to the original inhabitants of the earth, all looked curiously at the tall buildings on the land. There are no such buildings in xuanqiu star. When they get closer and closer to the land, the speed becomes slower and slower. Finally, they find a sparsely populated hill and land down. Jane Xi looks at the lush vegetation on the mountain. It can be seen that the new earth and its residents love these plants very much, although the trees in some places are still very small, On the one hand, it has not been planted for a long time, but on the other hand, it can be seen that human resilience and vitality. The ability of human survival is very strong. They have a general idea of where the divine consciousness has passed, but Kun garden is located in the east of the land, where there are the most abundant vegetation and the most tall trees. At the same time, there are also the most high-rise buildings. Of course, this is based on the current land standards. There are also some buildings in other places, but they are generally small villas with two to three floors, and the spacing is very large. They are scattered around Kun garden. Where there are people living, the area will be taken care of by the people living in it, which is very beautiful and quiet. Because of the small number of people, Jian Xi can see that there are still a few people living outside, because most people live and work in the city in Kunyuan, so most of them live outside are older people who no longer work. They still don\’t like noisy cities. They like quiet pastoral life. They plant flowers in front and vegetables in the back, and then raise a dog and a few chickens The elderly with such conditions, most of their children are people with outstanding ability, and get along very well in Kun garden, so they can build houses outside. In this way, groups like them gradually formed small towns, which were gradually governed by Kunyuan and set up police stations, but there were only a few police in each small town. Now the population is very scarce, and there are only a mere 100 million people left in a big planet. Even if there are no restrictions on childbearing and more children, the current government still gives heavy rewards, but the population can not be raised at once. A population of more than 100 million has also caused a huge burden on Kunyuan. Therefore, some elderly people who have retired and no longer work have moved out of the city and established picturesque towns, which has also provided many jobs for Kunyuan and alleviated the increase of population in the city. In fact, there are at least two and a half provinces on this land the size of four provinces, which are deserted. However, in the eight years since the seal was lifted from Kunyuan, the government will use agricultural aircraft to continuously sow plant seeds on the barren land every spring. Therefore, there are still a lot of green plants in many places, but there are no large plants, Such as big trees and so on. Everything has to wait for the precipitation of time. The disaster has made the planet have to start from scratch. The goal of Jianxi group was too big, so they acted separately and walked towards the core of Kunyuan from several towns and directions. When there were no people, they flew lightly, and when there were people, they landed and walked slowly. However, when they saw someone flying over the sky with a flying sword, these people, including Jian Xi and Qi Jiehan, no longer kept it, and flew away in the direction of their family. Their accomplishments are too high, and even if there are monks here, most of them are foundation building monks stepping on flying swords. Such accomplishments are already the top existence in Kun garden. Jane regretted that they had no scruples, so that everyone who saw them was shocked to open their mouth and couldn\’t speak. She just stared at the monks flying in the sky. Those men and women with long hair and fairy clothes were like immortals. The Wanderers who returned home looked at the once familiar cars, asphalt roads, street lights, short hair, short skirts, trousers, mobile phones, even watches and glasses, and entered the first city they arrived like a red eyed rabbit. Those with relatives living here rushed out at the first time, but there were only three people. Jane Xi has no relatives here. This is just not an ordinary city in the outermost part of Kun garden. However, although they are eager to return home, they still can\’t help browsing everything they used to be familiar with here, billboards and bus stops. However, Jane Xi also found that all vehicles here are solar powered.

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