Li Siyu looked in through the gap behind him.

At the same time, the lingering magic sound in the blood river suddenly disappeared. \”Hum, but even so, so what? It\’s enough to deal with you!\” he felt afraid of Fang Yang\’s sword. At this time, Ling Xuan had been forced out of the real fire, and a fierce drink immediately rolled out of his throat. \”Boom!\” With this sentence, miraculous things happened!! the rotten corpses soaked in the blood River in the picture came back to life at this moment! Everyone stood in the blood River, and then saw these rotten corpses raise their heads to look at the void. I don\’t know when an energy aperture has appeared in the void in the picture , a series of fine awns are being released, and they are shooting around at a very fast speed. The blood river is shrouded in a short time. Then nearly a thousand rotten corpses resurrected in the blood River disappear! \”Boom!\” The next second, the whole Shangyang palace was covered by a huge evil spirit. All the disciples were cold at this moment, and they were shocked because they saw an incredible scene. Nearly a thousand rotten corpses were drilled out of the picture!!! Chapter 74 became disabled. Nearly a thousand rotten corpses were drilled out at the same time. In a moment, the whole world was destroyed The square was full of rotten corpses. Seeing this, all the disciples were stunned for a moment. Everyone\’s face was extremely ugly. Everyone\’s eyes were full of fear, as if they could be frightened at any time. Even some disciples with strong determination were stunned at this time. The most important thing was that the evil spirit was so terrible that it was unacceptable. \”Don\’t be afraid, all disciples! This is an illusion. The opponent is Fang Yang. It\’s just a means of soul attack. Keep your mind!\” just then, the elder suddenly shouted a fierce drink. However, after the fierce drink, the elder felt a little and his face changed slightly: \”It\’s not a soul attack! These rotten corpses are transformed by energy. They only have a little evil spirit as a soul deterrent. His real means is still to attack with energy.\” \”boom!\” After the big elder\’s shrill cry fell, nearly a thousand rotten corpses rushed at Fang Yang at the same time. Each rotten corpse had an amazing evil spirit and a strong smell of blood. Looking at the nearly a thousand rotten corpses rushing, even Fang Yang couldn\’t help changing color. But the next second, Fang Yang almost cut out the nine in his hand without hesitation Gong Jian!

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