Then this man is not doing well? Chang Fenghua asked tentatively.

Du Yuansheng didn\’t explain in detail. He said with a smile, \”actually, I came for you, but I didn\’t expect to find you as soon as I entered the xuanjie.\” \”come for me? You\’re for Tianmai pill?\” Fang Yang narrowed his eyes. \”That\’s certainly not true. I\’m also a person on the Jiaolong list. How could I work hard for that kind of thing.\” Du Yuansheng said, \”I also have the strength in the middle of the empty and dark realm. It\’s very good. I came to you this time to attract you.\” \”how about being chased and killed? Do you want to join our black fog regiment? If we have shelter, no one will dare to chase and kill you again.\” \”black fog regiment? What\’s that?\” Fang Yang wondered. He suddenly found that he knew very little about the dragon and snake list. In the past, he knew that the dragon and snake list was a list established by the Longyuan Dynasty. All the criminals wanted by the Longyuan dynasty would be rewarded after being killed. Now, according to Du Yuansheng, it seems that there are some secrets in the dragon and snake list? \”The black fog group is a team formed by a group of people on the dragon and snake list. Like the fierce people on the Dragon list, the real activity area is not in the Longyuan Dynasty, but in the netherworld channel!\” Du Yuansheng said, \”you should know the netherworld channel?\” Fang Yang nodded: \”it\’s the place where the big demons were driven away. I heard that there are a lot of big demons, and there are also relics all over.\” \”Exactly! The netherworld passage actually has a huge scope. You only know the Longyuan Dynasty, but you don\’t know that there are five dynasties in leilin. The Longyuan Dynasty is only one of them. The place where the experts of the Five Dynasties will go is the netherworld passage! The netherworld passage coexists with danger and opportunity. If there are no forces in it, it is difficult for one person to survive \”Our black fog regiment, one of them, has absorbed more than 200 people so far, and the leader is the fierce man on the Dragon list.\” Fang Yang was surprised. Was the netherworld passage like this? No wonder Fang Yang seldom heard of the news of hunting and killing martial artists above the empty netherworld in the Longyuan Dynasty. There were even few people who could get a reward of 50 million yuan. Was it not in the dynasty? \”The dragon and snake list is common in the whole leilin continent, not in the Longyuan Dynasty.\” Du Yuansheng said, \”Originally, if you want to enter the netherworld channel, you must have the strength of the empty netherworld at least. However, after my understanding for a while, I know that you have great talent. You can kill people in the empty netherworld even when you are in a concentrated state. There is great potential. As long as I recruit you, it\’s nothing to enter our black fog group.\” \”how about you go with me?\” Du Yuansheng solicited again. Fang Yang didn\’t nod: \”I can\’t promise you now.\” \”what are you still thinking about? Do you still want to hang around in the Longyuan Dynasty and be chased every day?\” \”they have to kill me.\” Fang Yang was indifferent. Du yuan frowned. Unexpectedly, Fang Yang would refuse, and he didn\’t ask again. With a flick of his finger, he threw out a black coat of arms. \”This is the coat of arms of our black fog group. If you change your mind in the future, you can find us if you want to come to the nether passage.\”

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