An old woman\’s cry came, and Li Siyu gathered up and looked at it.

However, this seal method has a great burden on Xuanqi. If Fang Yang uses this seal, he won\’t be able to recover the exhausted inner house in a short time. \”Now I have many attack means, and everything is undoubtedly extremely powerful, but Xuanqi restricts my play. It seems that breaking through to the empty and dark world must be put on the agenda.\” He frowned. There was at least a ten fold difference in the content of Xuanqi between the empty and dark realm and the concentrated realm, thanks to Fang Yang\’s practice of pure Yang Jue , the pure Yang Xuanqi is extremely thick. The content of Xuanqi in his body is at least twice as high as the peak of the general concentration realm. But even this is not enough. Whether it\’s Kendo, yin method or Tianyang fire dance, it will greatly consume Xuanqi. Without corresponding cultivation, he can\’t give full play to his full strength. Just like this Vientiane seal, which is extremely hard for him to reach the peak of the concentration realm. This When used reluctantly, he can at most exert his strength. Once he reaches the empty underworld, he can not only display the complete Vientiane seal, but also can even count the seals and send them repeatedly, with superposed power! Moreover, Fang Yang feels that he can\’t practice wuxianjian Dao for a long time The ninth turn of the fourth sword also has a lot to do with the limitation of Xuanqi. After all, the physique is strong enough. As long as Xuanqi keeps up, the ninth turn will not be so difficult. \”Empty and dark territory\” Fang Yang sighed. Knowing the origin of the soul in the sea is still under the entanglement of the soul silk thread, and there is no sign of breaking through. As long as he has not succeeded in turning a butterfly, Fang Yang will not reach the empty and dark realm one day. Fang Yang put this matter aside temporarily. After all, too much entanglement is useless all the way. As soon as his eyes brightened, he suddenly thought of something: \”By the way, the flesh and blood on those big demons can\’t be wasted. It\’s better to make up the stew.\” At the thought of this, Fang Yang took out a huge casserole like a small jar and put it up in the yard. The flesh and blood of the three bears had been well treated by Fang Yang and stored in the storage ring. The storage ring is a special space, so you don\’t have to worry about deterioration or loss of mysterious Qi. After Fang Yang put it in, he took out some rare medicinal materials and added them one by one. He Although he is not very good at cooking, Fang Yang is also a doctor. He knows how to achieve the best effect with various medicinal materials. Not long after, a pot is full, at least 40 or 50 kilograms of meat is full. His mind turns, and a Peng of pure Yang Xuanqi comes out of his palm. The pure Yang Xuanqi is just reaching the Yang. It has the property of fire and can Boil the water in the casserole quickly without losing the nutrients and dark Qi due to the fierce fire. Under the action of Fang Yang\’s pure Yang\’s dark Qi, a strong smell of meat floated out of the yard for a long time. On the grey sparrow mountain, several martial arts men in the empty nether world were returning from hunting monsters. They were tired. Suddenly one of them sucked his nose and had hair on his face Light. \”What\’s the smell? It smells good!\” \”yes, it smells good. My mother\’s saliva is flowing out. And do you feel it? Just smelling the smell, my injuries are lighter.\”

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