As soon as Li Siyu heard that he was from the textile factory, he nodded happily, my name is Li Siyu. You can come to me if you have anything!

Chapter 270 escape from heaven no one expected that Zhan Shengsheng would devour Zhan Chu. In any case, he was the ancestor of the war family. In the face of descendants like Zhan Chu, even if he was not intimate, he could not rob the flesh. Therefore, after swallowing the flesh of Zhan Chu and condensing the body again, Su Manzi and other talents reacted. Sun Manzi\’s limitless God of war armor appeared and rushed to Zhan\’s life in a rage. \”Hmm?\” Zhan Shengsheng glanced at him, waved his hand at will, and with a bang, the limitless God of war armor on sun Manzi was instantly fragmented, and he himself was also pulled out from a distance. In his seemingly ordinary attack, the power contained was huge. Sun Manzi couldn\’t support the infinite God of war armor! Zhan Shengsheng said coldly, \”if I hadn\’t accepted his memory and started with some concerns, you would have died in the previous slap.\” \”Damn it!\” Xin Guihua was also angry. Just about to start, Fang Yang grabbed her back, \”impulse will die!\” \”but big brother!\” Xin Guihua shouted bitterly. In Xiao Si\’s closed eyes, tears swirled and rolled down. Under his eyes, he couldn\’t feel the breath of Zhan Chu at all. Zhan Shengsheng moved his new body. After looking at it, he was elated: \”yes, it\’s really good. Sure enough, it\’s easy to master the new body with the stimulation of his own flesh and blood breath.\” he looked grim and very happy. After swallowing Zhan Chu\’s body, he not only got rid of his previous difficulties, but also greatly improved his strength in his life. Although the corpse ghost body is strong, it has many limitations after all. It is easy to be targeted when it is really against some experts on the enemy. Now Zhan\’s life is not an ordinary corpse and ghost. Although the Qi in his body is still corpse and ghost, it can be completely inherited after swallowing Zhan Chu\’s flesh and blood. It looks like a human body on the surface. It can not only give play to the powerful power of the corpse ghost, but also greatly reduce the threat ability of some just to Yang means to him due to the existence of flesh and blood. \”My good children are worth it. I left some useless bones and blood.\” Zhan Shengsheng sneered. In his heart, the so-called clan and the so-called offspring are nothing! The most important thing Zhan wanted to do in his life was to ascend to the supreme position of the ninth five year plan. Unfortunately, he was not strong enough and fell here after being framed by the contemporary dragon family of the Longyuan Dynasty. Fortunately, the breath in the most Yin place makes him become a corpse and recover again. Then he will have a chance to ascend the throne again. \”I\’ll take back all the things that should have been mine!\” Zhan Shengsheng shouted happily. As for his tribe, if it dies, it will die. As long as his ancestor lives, it is enough. He is the real fighter! CHEN Si\’s face over there was gloomy: \”didn\’t you just change a pair of leather bags? I want to see how powerful you can change!\” his wrist trembled and another lightning struck out. Boom!

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