Li Siyu looked at everyone walking out and hurried out with Zhang Xuewen.

\”You!\” both of them were angry. \”What? Do you want to do it? I don\’t mind.\” cold Wolf grinned and smiled a little. Yuan Liang and he Jie\’s faces changed. At the thought of this person\’s strength in the poison emperor Dynasty, they could only suppress their anger. \”OK! Come with you first, but after you\’ve had enough, these guys must give it to me!\” and Jie Nu said. The cold wolf looked at Fang Yang with an eyebrow: \”how about you? Dare you or not? If you win me, I\’ll let you and the people around you leave. Absolutely no one dares to stop. If you lose, you\’ll all die here!!\” death \”came out, the wolves around also roared, the wind roared in the mountains and forests, and the atmosphere among the people suddenly became stagnant. Yuan Liang was not angry because cold wolf was good at making claims, because he would not think that only the boy in the middle of the empty and dark world could beat cold wolf! What talent and strength is cold wolf? It is a well-known existence in the poison emperor Dynasty. Even if this boy can use the previous terrible sword, he can\’t face the cold wolf! \”Yang Huo! Don\’t be fooled. This man\’s breath is too strong. He is definitely one of the best people I\’ve ever seen. I can\’t fight him.\” Feng Wuji shouted quickly. Even before the young man named cold wolf made a move, the wind felt a deep sense of oppression. It seemed that a mountain stone covered his shoulder, which made him bend down. \”Hum, I don\’t believe how powerful you are! If you want to fight Yang Huo, first ask me, the defeated general!\” Chu Yun stepped out. He held his double swords and moved. He saw the mysterious Qi diffused and condensed on the blades of his hands. The sword Qi turned into a dragon and the sea dragon roared! The huge sea dragon sword Qi came face to face. The cold wolf raised his eyebrows and did not move. The huge silver wolf under him turned his eyes and looked at the sea dragon sword Qi. There was a deep roar in his throat. Bang! There was also no dark air fluctuation. The sea dragon sword with Chu Yun\’s sword Qi suddenly collapsed under the roar. A strong Qi was hitting his chest. He snorted, vomited blood and fell directly among the crowd. \”If you are timid and flinch, I will point to the viscera of these people in the next attack.\” Leng Lang glanced at them with a sneer and pointed to the wind traceless people over there. He completely regarded them as lambs to be slaughtered. He didn\’t pay any attention to them. In Chapter 330, show your identity. When he heard Leng Lang\’s words, everyone\’s faces changed. Chu Yun\’s attack was defeated without even asking him to start. If he really forced this man, wouldn\’t their lives be taken away in an instant? \”Yang, Yang Huo, why don\’t you try it? Don\’t you have many means?\” someone whispered. Fang Yang frowned. Feng Wuji\’s face was angry: \”what are you talking about? Do you have any conscience? Do you know who saved you from the mountain stream?! now, instead of thinking of paying back, he has to push Fang Yang into the fire pit. Are you a fucking person!\” he felt his chest burning with anger. He pulled up the speaker\’s collar and wanted to slap his head.

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