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The deeper you go, the more white jade stones are exposed around you. Every time Fang Yang\’s sword blade hits the white jade stone, it will be directly bounced away, which can\’t cause any damage at all. On the contrary, Fang Yang\’s own wrists are numb under the next shock. He also muttered secretly, but his actions didn\’t stop. Step by step, Fang Yang and Shui qianrou have opened up a deep pit with at least three miles in the cave, and the purple gas behind them is still slowly crossing in. Where they pass, the earth and rock left by Fang Yang melt rapidly, leaving only a large amount of white jade stones transparent and clean. Seeing that there was no sign of the end, Fang Yang was also slightly worried. His mind turned, the purple on the blade in his hand penetrated, and a sword came out directly. Purple broken! Nine turns! Wheeze! Where the purple broken sword Qi passes, a large area of earth and rock is scattered and cut in front of me. A sword pierces hundreds of feet. At this time, the purple broken sword Qi passed by, and a thick Qi roared out of Fang Yang\’s face. It was like opening the gate to discharge the flood. The breath was as strong as a thousand troops and horses. Fang Yang trembled and almost flew out directly under this strong Qi. \”What\’s going on?\” he looked shocked. Shrouded in this breath, the bones of the whole body trembled, and the pure Yang Xuanqi in the body was dormant, as if it had been firmly suppressed. Fang Yang\’s feet stepped deeply into the earth and rock. With this method, he and Shui qianrou were not blown away directly under this strong Qi. It was half a sound, and the strength of the swarm was slightly reduced. Fang Yang\’s eyes immediately looked at the end. It should have been a dark hole, but under Fang Yang\’s sword, it emitted a bright light. Fang Yang frowned slightly: \”this is the breath I felt with the spirit?\” he hesitated a little and stepped directly into the cave. There are different treasures everywhere in the ancient cave of Zhenlong. It can be hidden under so many mountains and rocks and buried by earth and rock. It will never be an ordinary thing. What\’s more, Fang Yang, who was strong before, was still palpitating at this time. Fang Yang gradually approached the bright light. When he reached the distance of ten steps, he finally saw what the source of the light was. It\’s a golden ball the size of a baby\’s fist. The round ball is golden and shining. It rotates smoothly, and an extremely special breath emanates from it. \”What is this?\” Fang Yang looked curious. He tried to cross into the with his own spirit, but was directly bounced off by the ball, but he was not aggressive and didn\’t hurt his spirit. After some meditation, Fang Yang reached out and rubbed against the golden ball. stay

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