What a warm man!

Huang Shouguan looked happy. Seeing the overwhelming enthusiasm of the people, he bowed his hand and smiled: \”don\’t worry, this pill is still in the trial stage. Once it is found that there is no problem, our medicine King Pavilion will definitely take it out for sale! Just wait.\” He calmed the crowd, then hurriedly turned around and went into the ten thousand medicine building. He sealed the door of the building and didn\’t make a living today. Once he could get this pill, it would be of extraordinary value! It would not only trigger a buying frenzy, but also greatly improve his status in the medicine King\’s pavilion. It was a great credit! Supervisor Huang thin hurried to the inner room to find it When he arrived at Fang Yang, his attitude had changed a hundred and eighty degrees. He bowed and said, \”I\’m a member of the medicine King\’s pavilion, called the yellow flag. I don\’t know what to call you?\” \”Fang Yang.\” Fang Yang said. \”It\’s the son of Fang Yang. I dare ask you, but there was a previous pill in his hand. Can I see it with my own eyes?\” He was impatient. Fang Yang smiled and took out a five yuan genuine elixir and gave it to him. Steward Huang was like a treasure and carefully held it in his hand. As a member of the medicine King\’s pavilion, he naturally studied the pills. Holding the pills in his hand and looking down carefully, he could not help but frown. The pills that he thought could eliminate corruption must be extremely rare It\’s made from refined materials. It\’s highly effective but expensive. You can wait for a scan, but you find that it\’s just some of the most common spiritual materials. This kind of thing can dispel the gas of corruption? Steward Huang is full of doubt, but there will be no fraud in the previous situation. \”Steward Huang, have you seen enough? If you need it, we can talk about the next problem.\” Fang Yang raised his eyebrows. \”Ah, ah, that\’s nature! If this pill is really expected, our ten thousand medicine building must be in a position to get it!\” steward Huang\’s eyes are bright. \”I don\’t know how childe Fang got this pill?\” \”I tried to refine the pill from a relic.\” Fang Yang raised his eyebrow and said, \”when you heard this, steward Huang also realized it. No wonder there are many relics in the nether passage, many of which are good things handed down from ancient times, and it is normal to have pills with such effects.\” as long as childe Fang can give the pills to our ten thousand medicine building, everything you wanted before will be free! How about it? \” Steward Huang said hurriedly. Fang Yang shook his head and said, \”not enough.\” after a little meditation, steward Huang took out a jade card: \”this is a VIP voucher in the medicine King\’s pavilion. You can get a 30% discount on shopping and buy any rare spiritual materials no matter where you take it out. As a steward on the first floor, I have only one jade card in my hand. Now I\’ll give it to you.\” Not to mention the 30% discount, being able to buy any spiritual material is enough to reflect the value of the jade card. When steward Huang handed it to Fang Yang, he can see that he is bound to get this pill.

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