However, the discussion for several days did not produce results, because the grain factory is now on trial, so most of them are discussed here.

Since Fang Yang said he would go his separate ways, it\’s also a good idea to plan ahead. As soon as Fang Yang\’s eyes were swept around, his soul moved, and he saw an eye converging on his head. The power of the soul was great. With the help of the divine light formula of heaven\’s eyes, Fang Yang\’s was also carefully swept over the nine vortices. Then he looked at a place in the middle. \”I\’ll go there.\” Fang Yang said. Li Mu Bai Lang smiled: \”well, let\’s separate first, but the nine vortices have their own characteristics. Because they have dark eyes, they can shuttle back and forth with each other. I\’m not sure we can see each other later.\” \”well.\” Fang Yang nodded and arched his hands at the two people, \”then I\’ll go first!\” \”boy, pay attention to safety.\” \”the nine vortices opened through the sea for three days and watch the time.\” Listening to the two people concerned about the words, Fang Yang nodded brightly, then moved his body, and Lei Guangyi floated out, flying towards the vortex he selected. Luo Xiaoyan looked at the scene suspiciously: \”don\’t you three act together?\” in his opinion, although Fang Yang\’s strength is not weak, there is a wine Saint Li mubai here. With Li mubai\’s strength, he is enough to take care of them. After all, there are many dangers in the nine vortex through the sea. It\’s not good to have any changes. Li mubai smiled. Yellow eyebrow skimming way; \”You\’re like your family\’s baby bumps when you\’re a kid. How can you improve yourself when you protect the calf? This kid works hard all the way and kills alone. He just wants to sharpen his life and death, otherwise he won\’t have such strength.\” Luo Xiaoyan\’s expression stiffened, pulled the corners of his mouth and looked at Fang Yang\’s gone figure over there. So that\’s it. \”Well, let\’s start too.\” Huang Mei said, looking at Li mubai, \”old ghost, don\’t you want the essence of the sea? Look quickly, which vortex has the most.\” Li mubai swept at random and pointed on a vortex: \”the sea air is the most prosperous over there.\” \”well, go!\” Huang Mei and Li mubai also flew away. \”Dad, where are we?\” Luo Sheng woke up from his previous horror and was eager to try.

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