What? Qian\’s face was surprised. When did she let mother Chen do it.

\”I\’m the head of Zhenyang regiment now, and they all want to live under my responsibility.\” Wen ruohuo said freely, \”This feeling makes me return to the days of the true patriarch of Chunyang. However, I am much more free than at that time. I want to take them through the nether passage. I won\’t think about things outside, and I can\’t control the things of the nether emperor. Therefore, I have to say goodbye. I guess I have fewer opportunities to meet in the future.\” Fang Yang opened his mouth and didn\’t expect Wen ruohuo to make such a decision. He wanted to ask what to do about Sima Xiangshan, and didn\’t want Xuanyin formula, but after thinking about it, he still couldn\’t ask. In three years, he grew up very fast, and Wen ruohuo also had his own experience and growth. What he found at this time was his own direction in life. \”I\’ll give it to you.\” Wen ruohuo handed Fang Yang a hard animal skin. Fang Yang took it over and looked over and over. There was only one word on Nuo Da\’s animal skin: \”palace.\” what\’s this? \” Fang Yang asked. It didn\’t look like the fur of some kind of big demon. It didn\’t have any mysterious fluctuation, nor was it spiritual. It was like a dead thing like cloth. \”I don\’t know.\” Wen ruohu shook his head, \”This is something handed down from generation to generation by Chunyang Zhenzong. It was placed together with Chunyang Jue. When I left Chunyang Zhenzong, I took it out secretly. I think it should be something related to the yin-yang immortal hall.\” it is related to the yin-yang immortal hall. Fang Yang was interested when he heard this. After looking at it, he nodded: \”I\’ll take this thing well.\” \”you need to be careful. The recovery of the Emperor Ming is no small matter. If possible, don\’t put yourself in danger.\” Wen ruohu said again. He sighed, \”In my whole life, I only had Sima Xiangshan, a formal apprentice. The result was not good. And you, I\’m not shy, also known as half. I always hope you can live safely.\” \”elder, I learned the pure Yang formula that was extremely important to me at that time from elder. It\’s inevitable to be a master.\” Fang Yang said. Wen ruohu joked: \”Then you won\’t lose me if you call me master?\” \”master!\” Fang Yang said solemnly with a solemn look on his face. Hearing Wen ruohuo\’s ears, he felt his heart tremble. It seemed that some soft place had been hit hard. The picture came to his mind. Once upon a time, someone called himself like this. The past sadness surged into his heart, and Wen ruohuo\’s mood fluctuated. He took a deep breath and pressed down his heart: \”I know you must go back. In the future, if you really meet Sima Xiangshan, leave him alive.\” Fang Yang was stunned. He clearly remembered Wen ruohuo\’s agreement with himself at that time, and also remembered how much Wen ruohuo hated Sima Xiangshan, but now he even said this. Did he really see through it?

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