Qian shuddered and said, who is not surprised. And now the master doesn\’t know, so shut her up.

Everyone also recognized this person\’s identity. It\’s the sword emperor who was blasted into the vast sea by the emperor of heaven! He\’s okay? And what just happened? He shot at the emperor? Isn\’t he on the side of the emperor? For a moment, everyone was stunned. They couldn\’t figure out what had happened. Tianjun first woke up, nodded to the sword emperor, and then got up and ran to the thunder chariot. Once he stood still, he saw the chariot under Tianjun\’s feet. The thunder light was made immediately, and countless roars echoed. The thunder gas gathered between heaven and earth, and the thunder awn circulated, and crossed into Tianjun\’s body together. The thunder of heaven and earth gathered together. For a time, the body of the heavenly king turned into a bright white thunder light, so surging, dazzling and dazzling. The thunder Qi that had been exhausted in his body also recovered quickly with such supplement, just like a God. The terrorist momentum emitted from his whole body gives people a feeling of fear. \”Zhuo Yijian! Damn you!! have you forgotten our agreement?!\” Emperor Ming struggled up from the ruins and was furious when he saw the emperor recover his thunder Qi. The sword emperor\’s figure was wandering, and he came to the yin-yang immortal hall with some difficulty. When passing by the martial arts group, he stopped slightly and looked at the panic on the people\’s faces. It seemed that there was a touch of guilt in his eyes, and then he also entered the yin-yang immortal Hall. After listening to the emperor\’s words, he looked calm: \”I didn\’t forget the agreement, but I woke up.\” \”hmm?\” the emperor looked at him with gloomy eyes. The sword emperor looked at the heavenly king who was absorbing thunder gas over there, and at Fang Yang who was still confused over there; \”Some things can be done, some things can\’t be done. I clearly know in my heart that even if she can come back to life, she can\’t change anything. Moreover, with her temperament, I\’m afraid she\’ll scold me if she knows what I\’ve done.\” a look of nostalgia and sadness appeared on his face. His eyes were as soft as water, which had never been in the future. But a moment later, the look on the sword emperor\’s face became firm again. He looked up at the Ming emperor and said, \”I can make up for them in this war.\” the green awn flowed, the mysterious Qi gathered, and condensed into an ordinary iron sword in the palm of the sword emperor. The iron sword was dull, but it was sharp. He pointed directly at the Ming emperor and also showed his determination. The emperor of the underworld was very angry and smiled back: \”OK, OK! Do you think you can hurt me enough at this time? Even if you two unite? Two badly hurt guys, die here!\” the emperor of the underworld was really angry. After drinking, countless black clouds and evil spirits burst out. The black cloud came to the sword emperor first.

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