Seeing this, Shen Ling simply stopped caring about her, so she saw the spring breeze and begged her to take some cakes. She found a remote Pavilion and ate there.

The warrior was frightened and nodded hurriedly. Looking at the rest of the martial artists, when they heard the name, their faces turned white and their lips closed tightly, but none of them meant to shrink back. For them, even if the punishment given by Fang Yang is heavy, they must all bear it. Who makes them make mistakes first. To win Fang Yang\’s forgiveness is more important than anything! Fang Yang looked over there and stared at Xu Zhen again: \”and you, boy, I\’m most upset about you! You\’re a model person, and you must talk about me! The lessons of these guys fall on you. Wipe your ass for all the big and small things. Don\’t bother me, you know?\” Xu Zhen was stunned. He just wanted to promise, but he felt something was wrong. Is it punishment to leave everything to him? Isn\’t that what the captain should do? \”Do you hear me? Whet haw, I can\’t get an answer when I talk to you.\” Fang Yang was \”annoyed\” and scolded. Xu Zhen could only respond: \”I see.\” chapter 709 water vapor is surging. \”That\’s almost the same. When he heard his answer, Fang Yang snorted, as if he was more satisfied. Then he waved his hand impatiently:\” well, if there\’s nothing wrong, let\’s go quickly. Don\’t bother me here. He\’s very busy. \”As he said, he couldn\’t care about this group of people, With thousands of soft water, Li Yatang and the emperor walked in. Boom! With the door of the main hall closed heavily, the manor fell into silence. This group of warriors from the seventh team, look at me and I look at you. They all have a bitter face. \”Well, anyway, if Fang Yang can punish us, we should do it well! No matter how much pain we suffer, we will explain to Fang Yang and ourselves!\” someone said sonorously. As soon as he said this, everyone answered one after another. \”But that tiger water sounds scary.\” someone swallowed a mouthful of water. \”Xu San, what are you still doing? Bring the punishment. We will start today to re-establish Fang Yang\’s impression of us.\” there is humanity. The warrior who was handed over to the jade slips by Fang Yang hurriedly went up and took out the jade slips.

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