The more she thought about it, the more she sighed.

Fang Yang took a deep breath, alleviated the pure Yang Xuan Qi surging in his body, and saw the black tower with bright eyes. At this time, the black tower was extremely gloomy. He looked coldly at the vanishing evil above his head. Then he stared and saw Fang Yang: \”good boy, it\’s such a mysterious Qi. I\’m very unhappy with your mysterious Qi!! I\’ll never let you leave alive!\” seeing that the evil spirits under his hand have been killed and injured, heita can\’t bear it. Even if it will damage some foundations, he can\’t care, As long as he can completely kill these people and get rid of the shackles, the world will be large and full of flesh and blood, which will be enough for him to improve his boundless strength! With such an idea in mind, he no longer hid and tucked in, moved his body, and came with the trend. \”Death!\” heita roared. While he was moving, the evil spirit was many times stronger than the evil. When he rushed to Fang Yang, he grabbed his right hand in the void, and saw the strong air flow of evil spirits turn. In an instant, he gathered a dark long gun. The barrel was thick and dark. It was condensed from the purest evil spirit. Once it was danced, the black air filled and shrouded. When he rushed to Fang Yang, the long gun in heita\’s hand swept away in an instant. Fang Yang raised his sword to resist. Dang! With a crisp sound, the nine palace sword in his hand trembled. The power fed back from the gun rod was very strong. Fang Yang\’s arms were soft. He ran the pure Yang Xuanqi in time. With the help of the power of Yang fire, it exploded and blew on the gun rod. The two men fought, one touch is the point. Under the competition of the first move, it is obvious that Fang Yang fell to the disadvantage. This black tower is the head of evil spirits for thousands of years. For a long time, relying on the evil spirits of his subordinates, I don\’t know how much flesh and blood he has swallowed to supplement himself. It is different from ordinary martial artists. He is not only powerful, and his physical strength is not much weaker than the square Yang of the dragon, but also his evil spirit is irresistible. The power of evil spirits is unique to evil spirits, with all negative emotions. In the previous swing of a gun, the spirit of evil spirits came up, which made Fang Yang\’s body stiff. In front of him, it seemed that countless scenes emerged, and tragedies were arranged in front of him, which made his mind and spirit agitated. \”So strong.\” Fang Yang\’s face was startled, then his eyebrows wrinkled, and a trace of worry flashed between his eyes. The strength of the black tower is definitely not an opponent who can deal with it simply. If Fang Yang was in his heyday, he would not be afraid of him. But now he is subject to many restrictions. Not only the strongest Dharma phase can not be used, but even under the influence of the curse, the state is greatly reduced. What about fighting like this. But even so, Fang Yang can\’t retreat at all. Behind him are all the people he wants to protect!

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