They had no choice but to step down and feel very upset. Why don\’t they treat her better these days? Otherwise, they will have a good day today. It seems that they have to talk to their wife.

There is no doubt about the power of thunder robbery. Although it is of great benefit to the martial arts body, it will also hurt the vitality. Most of these benefits are potential. As long as the martial arts are cultivated and familiar for a period of time, the power of thunder robbery in the body will become the greatest help to the martial arts. Be able to increase your strength ten times or even a hundred times! But this enhancement is definitely not now. Now Fang Yang, not only will his strength not be improved, but also will become much weaker because he is not familiar with his physical condition. Seize the opportunity! There was a faint light in his pupils. Now Sima Xiangshan is as hot as a wolf. In the distance behind him, Wansen and Zhan Lingshui wanted to catch up. Previously, the two of them fought to the death, but the gap in strength was huge. Sima Xiangshan fought to the death under anger, and the two sides were even more out of contrast. Under the impact of Sima Xiangshan\’s powerful power, he directly beat the two people around. If Sima Xiangshan hadn\’t killed Fang Yang so much that they had no time to care about their lives and deaths, they would have become the souls of Sima Xiangshan. Rao is so. Their situation at this time is also very poor. Zhan Lingshui had not recovered from his injury before the battle. He had previously suffered the three fist strength of Sima Xiangshan. The fist force entered the body, broke her ribs and hit her viscera hard. It was very reluctantly standing at this time. Wansen is better. Firstly, he is not facing the main force of Sima Xiangshan. Secondly, because he is a warrior with wood attribute yuan force and has strong recovery ability, he barely ensures the power of several branches. But they can only help Zhan Lingshui catch up with the past. For Fang Yang, now they have to be a little slack. Sima Xiangshan\’s speed is too fast. Zhan Lingshui and Wansen can\’t catch up at all. They look at Sima Xiangshan getting closer and closer to the hole in despair, and their faces turn white. Although they don\’t know much about thunder robbery, they can feel the huge vision generated by light from the sky. How powerful the power of lightning is. If they are among them, it would be extremely wonderful to be able to say a few words. At that time, don\’t say it\’s a fight back. I\’m afraid it\’s hard to move even if you move. Even if Fang Yang\’s strength is extremely strong, after swallowing Lei Qilin\’s essence, he is not on the same level with them, but under the bombing of dozens of lightning, he is not much better. \”Fang Yang!\” Zhan Lingshui couldn\’t help crying, and his handsome face is full of worry. \”Come out!!\” just at this time, Sima Xiangshan had come to the mountains. He roared like a drum and shook. With his hands and feet, his fist was lifted and hit the mountain heavily. Boom! Overhead, the only remaining thunder cloud sent out the last lightning. The huge lightning brightened the dark sky, and the pale light reflected on Sima Xiangshan\’s face, making his cold and fierce expression more ferocious. His fist hit the mountain heavily, and he was devastated on the mountain by the surge of great power.

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