Shen Ling nodded and waited for a rest. Her legs were better. It\’s not too late to go to Taiji palace again.

I wanted the old lady to enlighten him, but the old lady blew her hair. She walked quickly all the way to Li Chengcai and grabbed Li Chengcai\’s ears. \”Oh, my God! Milk, pain!?\” Li Chengcai immediately shouted. The old lady has been doing manual work all year round, and her strength is particularly strong. She cries out to Li Chengcai. \”You little bastard! Did your sister-in-law take you to work for you? And asked your sister-in-law to invite you to dinner? Where\’s your face?\” the old lady picked up and scolded regardless of that. \”Let you have nothing to ask for trouble. The whole little cheap hoof will find anger for your sister-in-law. Does she deserve it?\” \”your eyes are blind. Everyone will lead to your sister-in-law, little dead boy!\” Li Siyu helped her forehead. What is this? The old lady is so kind recently that she almost forgot her temper. I really regret letting the old lady know. Li Chengcai, who was crying when the old lady pulled up her ears, looked tearful. Li Siyu said, I\’m sorry, nephew. Next time, my sister-in-law will take you to eat delicious →_ → \”milk, I\’m wrong, I don\’t dare anymore!\” Li Chengcai, no matter what, begged for mercy first. The old lady saw that he begged for mercy and didn\’t intend to do anything to him. Angrily, the old lady stared at him and said, \”don\’t count every day. How tired your sister-in-law is for us all day? It\’s windy to give you good food and clothes all day? You\’re good. Treat as you say. Why are you so generous? You\’ve earned a few money.\” Li Chengcai was ashamed of what the old lady said and wanted to get into the crack in the ground. \”Milk! It\’s all my fault. I\’m lost. I\’ll never have sex with lesbians again!\” Li Chengcai threw tears at the old lady with a runny nose. Can Li Siyu still get it? If her eldest brother knows and won\’t let him contact lesbians, where will his daughter-in-law look in the future? \”Cheng Cai, you can\’t think so. There are still a few lesbians like Wang Shijing. My sister will introduce you more beautiful ones in the future.\”

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