For a moment, all the people who followed couldn\’t help looking away, and couldn\’t help looking again and again.

\”It\’s in the house.\” the uncle pointed to the nearby hut. Li Siyu thanked, and then walked quickly. As soon as she entered the door, she saw a familiar face looking at the door. \”Secretary Gao?\” how did he get here? It really surprised Li Siyu. \”Secretary Li.\” Gao Yuan smiled, and his chin shell fell off when Li Siyu went to the municipal government to be a secretary. It\’s a big leap from the factory to the municipal administration. It\’s like a front-line worker suddenly becoming a director. If you want to go to the municipal administration, you must have the ability, background and someone who can help you, otherwise you can\’t get in even if you have the ability. What\’s more, Li Siyu is now in the vice mayor\’s secretary room. It\’s amazing. Gao Yuan smiled and said, \”Secretary Li, I haven\’t seen you for a long time. Congratulations on your promotion.\” \”Secretary Gao is polite.\” Li Siyu smiled and looked at him. She didn\’t believe it. Gao Yuanda came all the way here to congratulate her. So, Gaoyuan is for food? But she doesn\’t want to sell any more. There are also several warehouses for grain, just for fear of emergency. Although a thousand pounds at a time is not much, it can\’t stand many times. Gao Yuan scratched his head. This time he really came for food. He didn\’t know how to speak. The atmosphere suddenly cooled down. Li Siyu was not in a hurry. He sat opposite him with a smile on his face. Gao Yuan couldn\’t help it. He had to ask about it, or he wouldn\’t feel at ease. \”Secretary Li, I haven\’t heard from you for nearly a month when you said to provide me with food. I went to the mine to find you yesterday. I heard director Zheng say that you were transferred to Baicheng municipal administration.\” Gaoyuan thought she didn\’t get food at that time, but it took so long to come to inquire. I didn\’t expect to get such a news. To tell the truth, Gao Yuan was shocked when he knew the news. He didn\’t expect Li Siyu to be so capable. \”I\’m so sorry.\” Li Siyu said with an apologetic smile, \”I was very busy a while ago, and I may not supply you with food in the future.\” at the beginning, she was short of money, so she asked Gaoyuan to sell food, but now Lin Cheng is in the middle to help her, so Gaoyuan doesn\’t need it. \”Ah?\” although Gao Yuan had guessed the answer, he couldn\’t help losing.

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