This surprised Li Feng. Your majesty has never clearly expressed his joys, sorrows and sorrows like today. What the hell is going on? Is there something he doesn\’t know.

\”Impossible, I\’m a college student!\” Xu Weinan was unconvinced. She wouldn\’t be transferred. Liu Chengxue looked at her like this, and the ridicule on her face was not hidden at all. She was allowed to refute. Anyway, her dismissal has been settled. It\’s no use telling her so much. It\’s not good to see jokes in the future. Seeing that no one paid attention to her, Xu Weinan was unwilling to speak. What was transferred? That\’s what team leader Zhou told her last time. He wanted to transfer her to the logistics department. No, she can\’t go to the logistics department. The salary there is low and tired. She hasn\’t made a start yet. Xu Weinan doesn\’t want to go to the logistics department, but she has to think of a way so that she won\’t be transferred. In the evening, Li Siyu came home and watched the old lady think for a long time, but she still didn\’t say it first. She goes to school in another city, Beidu. It\’s the capital. It takes a day and a night by train. It\’s still far away. Therefore, she can\’t take care of the old lady, and she doesn\’t trust to let her be here alone. I\’m old. If I fall into the house one day, no one can know. It\’s too dangerous. Before leaving work, Li Siyu asked for a day off and planned to go back to Chuncheng tomorrow to see if big brother and they could take care of the old lady. Others don\’t trust her. Only boss Li Siguo can reassure her. After all, eldest brother\’s filial piety is deeply rooted in his mind. She went to study for only four years and had holidays inside. It\’s not cost-effective to rent a house. It\’s better to live in a dormitory. Moreover, going to school means that her work here will be stranded, but her work resume is still good. The next morning, Li Siyu left with his bag as usual, as if he had gone to work. Back in Chuncheng, she went directly to the family yard of the mine and dried a circle of clothes in the yard. It seems that the eldest brother and his family have moved here. \”Sister-in-law.\” Li Siyu shouted at Zhang Yuemei, who was washing cabbage and preparing pickled cabbage. When Zhang Yuemei saw that Li Siyu had returned, her eyes were full of surprise. \”Why did Si Yu come back and didn\’t go to work?\” she thought that Li Siyu should also be at work. Li Siyu smiled and said, \”I asked for leave today, so I came back to have a look. Where\’s my big brother? Why didn\’t I see others.\”

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