Niang, Shen Xian naturally went to change Qian\’s name. When he saw Qian\’s name, I\’m not willing.

If something happens and you have an eye, it\’s not difficult to get ahead in the future. Peng lingman didn\’t speak. He sat in his chair and looked at the dishes on the table. He didn\’t know what he was thinking. Instead of seeing her, Li Siyu turned around and took a bottle of Baijiu. The degree is not high. It\’s 42 degrees. It\’s medium. \”Happy today, let\’s drink some wine!\” Li Siyu smiled and took out the cup and filled it one by one. The small cup is not big. Two or two drinks for one person. To tell the truth, Li Siyu came to this place and drank two times of beer, Baijiu, and the body\’s drinking ability. \”My God! Still drinking?\” where did Liu Chengxue drink wine? He used to watch others drink, and he never tried. Peng lingman drank twice, but I didn\’t expect Li Siyu to drink for them. \”OK, it\’s hard to get wine tickets. Now the supply of wine tickets is very rare.\” she smiled and looked at the wine glass in her hand. She couldn\’t help frowning. \”This thing is really powerful. It\’s a headache after drinking.\” Li Siyu looked at her. \”Eat first and drink later, otherwise it will be uncomfortable.\” seeing that all three girls have wine glasses, Lin Cheng didn\’t have them, he was unhappy, \”Why don\’t I have it?\” \”when we finish drinking, you have to clean up the mess.\” Li Siyu glanced at him and wanted to drink. Baijiu! If he drank too much, who would clean up the table and wash the bowls? Lin Cheng saw her saying so, and he did not refute. Who let him listen to the daughter-in-law? Three people drank a bottle of liquor, Li Siyu\’s face was very red, but his brain was clear. Liu Cheng snow simply lay on the table and did not move. It looked as if he was asleep. Li Siyu saw Peng Ling man\’s appearance. His posture was pretty good, so he smiled and said, \”why haven\’t you seen Secretary Xing send you off recently? You pass by my door after work, and sometimes I can see you.\” hearing this, Peng lingman took his chopsticks and continued to eat. Then he smiled and said, \”he\’s so busy that he can\’t do it. Anyway, he\’s not married, and it\’s not good to have too much contact.\” Li Siyu looked at her with her head down and didn\’t say any more. It seemed that they didn\’t get along very happily. \”The day before yesterday, I went to the winery and met Secretary Xing, but he left without saying a word.\” she secretly observed Peng lingman\’s expression as if she had inadvertently mentioned it.

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