I don’t know how long it took, a high-pitched roar came, followed by all kinds of chirps, which were still a little vague at first, but gradually became clearer, and Shanghai’s consciousness gradually recovered, and he opened his eyes alertly. .

Myna… The people in the spirits line subconsciously squeezed their fists.Lingxuanjian closed his eyes deeply and returned his tears, then opened them quickly, gritted his teeth and said: \”Go, the sacrifice of the eighth brother is not to let you waste time here, save your lives, and avenge the eighth brother in the future… …\”After speaking, he took a deep look at the powerful stars behind him. He swears in his heart that as long as he lives for one day, he will continue to improve himself, and then kill these powerful stars until they all die. End to death.Everyone walked into the passage…On the other side, Ling Zhantian was covered in blood, and in front of him, the dying opponent was lying, just as he was about to do it, suddenly a special connection in the sea of ​​consciousness was broken, and his huge body was fierce. The ground trembled, almost tottering.Haoer…Ling Zhantian suddenly burst into tears, because the connection he put on Shanghai, if he can\’t feel the vitality, it will be disconnected…what……Ling Zhantian raised his head and the tiger roared, his voice was full of sorrow and desolation. The tiger bone god axe in his hand slashed down, cutting the opponent\’s head on the ground in half.Chapter 0846 Divine Skills And SecretsVoid and empty, there is no sound, as if everything is still, all colors are constantly emerging in front of him.Am I dead?Why am I still conscious?Shanghai wondered.This made him feel very strange, because he clearly remembered that his body was completely destroyed under the annihilation of hundreds of powerful star realms.wrong!I\’m not dead…Shanghai can feel that his body still exists, whether it is breathing or six senses, there is nothing unusual, but he still feels something different, that is, something special has happened to his sea of ​​consciousness. Variety.His mind quickly sank into it. When he saw the Sea of ​​Consciousness, Shanghai trembled slightly, because his originally dim Sea of ​​Consciousness completely turned into a golden, golden piece, just like the sun, and the soul in the depths of the Sea of ​​Consciousness, also There has been a change.The originally slightly clear facial features have been completely formed at this moment, as is the body, no matter the outline or the lines, the soul is no different from the Shanghai body, and compared to the sluggishness before, it appears more agile at this moment.

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