What do you mean? Shanghai frowned.

Don\’t worry too much. There is a price to cross borders, especially from God\’s Domain to the Wild World, the price paid is also great, even if it is a big clan like the True Underworld God Clan, it can only be transported to the clan once at most. Hundreds of people have come down. Ao Yi said.Hearing these words, Shanghai felt a little relieved, and immediately asked: \”Senior, what does this True Dark God Clan send people to come down? Dominate the Wild World?\”Domination of the Great Wilderness World? Impossible. This Great Wilderness World was extremely special in the ancient times. For unknown reasons, it has been abandoned for thousands of years. For so many years, no one has come to dominate, and this True Nether God Clan will not spend it. A huge price to do this is not worth the loss.Then they sent someone to come?It\’s probably to find people. In the battlefield of the gods, people from the gods will occasionally shuttle into various worlds and cannot return. Some are planning to leave the clan, or for some reason, they don\’t want to return to the original clan, so they hide In the rest of the small world.According to the meaning of the predecessors, the turmoil in the middle of the wilderness this time was because someone of the True Nether God Race was hiding in the great wilderness world, so the True Nether God Race sent people down to find it, and then because a God Punisher was killed by the ancient God Race, so The war caused by it? Shanghai said again and again.You guessed it right, it was to lead that person out, but unfortunately that person didn\’t know where to go, and he couldn\’t find his whereabouts, so that he couldn\’t find anyone for a long time before he turned his anger into the middle famine… Ao Yi said.Senior! Now the four middle-desolate tribes have been forced to Tianzhou, and as far as I know, the vast star realm powerhouses are catching a large number of desolate beasts recently, trying to domesticate them in order to clear the middle-desolate four tribes, can you please? Senior sent a wild animal to help the four families in the wild? Shanghai arched his hands.Help the four families in the wild? Ao Yi shook his head, \”I have no intentions.\”Why?In ancient times, the human race has signed some special regulations with the wild beasts like me, and the executors of these regulations are my ancestors. If I act, it will break these regulations and cause a lot of trouble, whether the human race will perish, and the relationship with the wild beasts. Not big, there is no human race, and the desolate beast can still survive in this famine. Ao Yi refused.But……Okay! I can\’t agree to your condition. Ao Yi interrupted Shanghai.Shanghai sighed and said nothing more, even if it was said, it was useless. Old monsters like Ao Yi who had lived for millions of years were far more stubborn than expected.I will pass it on to future generations. If you can persuade it, it can help you. But before it inherits the title of the descendant of the Azure Dragon, if it inherits, it will no longer be able to help you… Ao Yi suddenly said .Thank you, senior! Shanghai was overjoyed.You don\’t need to thank me. Can you persuade it? It\’s up to you. You can wait for three days. I will take it to pass on in these three days. You will come again in three days. The beast returned to its original place.There are still three days left, and Shanghai did not waste it. Instead, he took the little beast to walk around in the wild beast world, mainly to determine his position, and by the way, look at the places where the treasures of the world are stored to see if there is a chance to be able to. Just shot it.Anyway, Aoyi has already said, as long as you have the patience, you can take it.But after turning the Desolate Beast Heaven and Earth around a small area, Shanghai gave up its plan, even the little beasts drooped their ears, because the desolate beasts guarding those treasures are extremely powerful, and they are not something they can deal with, even the weakest. They have all reached the level of the Holy Master.

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