It\’s over…

impossible.Those children were surprised, and even more unwilling to believe it, thinking that this was just an erroneous rumor. It’s not to blame them. After all, they were all six race children who had dispersed before the eighteenth holy city was captured. Hearing that the patriarchs and elders had all come to the Lingshen line station, they rushed over to meet.At first there was some unpleasant sound, but as they listened, some of the children slowly closed their mouths and listened attentively, sometimes frowning, sometimes suddenly, from the initial unsure, to the dignified face, and then to the last. Suddenly realized.So you can practice like this…Passed, passed…I seem to be breaking through…A collateral child of the spirit and god line had an epiphany half an hour ago. He sat cross-legged on the ground for a long time. The supernatural power in his body overflowed, and he broke through from the pinnacle of a big figure to the level of the nobleman, and it became even more powerful. Some of the children on the side were envious of the power.Someone had an epiphany on the spot…I\’m late, I knew I wouldn\’t practice for half an hour. Some of the collateral children who came late were suddenly remorseful.Among the people, apart from the collateral child who broke through, if more people have enlightenment, especially the direct descendant, even the Lingxuan Sword will have a lot of gains, and the Lingxuanhao and others have gained today. , In the past can not be compared with it at all.Gradually!Many admiring eyes turned to Shanghai one after another, and some even looked respectful.Shanghai has no idea how many people have been affected by his own remarks today. Although he is only talking about his own cultivation experience, how precious these experiences are. You must know that his experience is not only his own, but also the old age. Heavenly Lord, as well as Wutian Seventh World Venerable, these people\’s views on cultivation have already reached the point of returning to the original.Even the second elders and others who rushed over, after listening to what Shanghai tells, from the initial frown, to gradually the heart trembled and excited, because there are some training experience, even they have neglected, although these training experience is in their eyes. It is very shallow, but it is extremely out……Six figures came from across the air, but they didn\’t alarm everyone. Instead, they hovered in a corner. The visitors were six patriarchs.This little guy is Shanghai.Succinctly and concisely, every sentence contains the essence of the cultivation way… I originally heard that the elders admired him very much, but I still don\’t believe it, but now it seems that I still underestimate him.Big Brother has such a descendant, so I can\’t get up in the same vein.Oh, this kid has an appetite for me. I just happen to have a granddaughter who is over eighteen and is still unmarried. When the eldest brother wakes up, I will mention it to him to see if we can get married.

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